How To Create A DIY Yoga Retreat: 3 Ways To Get Back To The Basics…

How To Create A DIY Yoga Retreat: 3 Ways To Get Back To The Basics

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to take part in a yoga retreat know the feeling of intense bliss that ensues and unfortunately often dissipates once we return home. As I was discussing this with a friend, she mentioned that she wished that she would go on a retreat at least once a month, for a few days. We laughed and agreed that was a crazy idea. The more that I thought about it, the more that I realized that we didn’t need an official retreat to accomplish the bliss that we desired. We can achieve it in our homes! Here are some of the basic steps to your own DIY yoga retreat!

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1) Unplug

I cannot count how many times I hear people (myself included) say “I cannot wait to not be able to use my phone.”  Why do we have travel to remote places in order to not use our phones? I know that we all have responsibilities and our phones are important to us, but commit to a certain amount of time to put it away, actually away where you can’t even hear it. You’ll survive.

2) Reconnect by Learning Something New

Retreats are all about re-connecting to yourself and what better way to reconnect, than to dive into a topic you’ve always wanted to learn about. Since you are the director of your own retreat, you can select whatever subject matters suites you. Grab a book of your choice and a journal, you’re about to embark on a journey.

3) Get Physical

You can accomplish this step in a number of ways. What is your body craving? Is it craving a yoga class? A massage? A run? Whatever activity serves you, do that. 

Here is an example of one of my one-day retreats that I planned for myself:

  • I allowed myself to wake up naturally, with no alarm.
  • Hiked near my house at a leisurely pace, no agenda.
  • Scheduled a hot stone massage.
  • Napped.
  • Cooked a healthy dinner with a new recipe that I hadn’t tried before.

The beauty of a DIY yoga retreat is that you can customize it, schedule it whenever you want, for as long or as short as you want. You can head into a studio, or practice at home. You can get healthy take-out or you can prepare your own food! The most important thing is that you plan. If you don’t come up with a plan, then you set yourself up to not achieve the feeling that you were hoping for.

I recognize that this sounds very simple and that’s because honestly, it is. Our day to day lives take quite a toll on us and we need relief. Retreats are an incredible experience yet not always attainable for your current season of life. By recognizing what you need in your life and taking action, you are honoring yourself in an amazing way! Small steps end up leading to big changes. How will you honor yourself today?

“True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero and leader.”- Yung Pueblo


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