9 Inspiring Destinations For Yoga Retreats Around The World…

9 Inspiring Destinations For Yoga Retreats Around The World

Living a simple life is difficult. Staying away from technology and escaping radiations is impossible. Staying hydrated is a tough task. Since, when wellness became overwhelmingly arduous?A fast-paced life might fetch you some money and fame but it surely does make you stressed and diseased. You spend most of your time tripping over your financial status in your mind space and vacation is one of the best ways to cut chords from this forced connection with monotony.

Typical vacations have always been about hitting a beach or a shopping destination and enjoying the city life as much as possible. However, times are changing and people are drifting away from the cacophony to a more relaxed holiday option. Consider health vacations, maybe? These retreats are quite popular these days amongst people of all ages. A yoga retreat is a fantastic new-age holiday idea that carefully merges the ingredients carefully- art of Yoga, the importance of physical fitness, and some holiday fun. You may find these retreats popping up in some of the popular urban countries around the globe and all may lure you at once. But, choose wisely and check for affordability.

Here is a cheat sheet of destinations for Yoga retreats:

1. India

Speaking of Yoga, let us discuss about its birthplace- India. It is just not possible to talk about top destinations for Yoga retreats and not mentioning India in the list. The art of Yoga has its roots in this country binding together its soil with the dated Indian culture and Hinduism. So, if you want to learn the intricate traditional Yogic techniques from renowned Yogic masters, then India is your deal. You can choose to start your Yoga journey either by choosing any one region of this country and traversing every part of it or simply hop from one region to another for a more wholesome experience. Everywhere you go, there will be a new cultural experience, amazing scenic views and cuisine changing as you cross state borders. Go for a Yoga retreat in the mountains of the Himalayan region or amid the natural beauty of Rishikesh or choose for a Yoga & Ayurveda retreat in Kerala down south.

2. Thailand

South Asia is a hub to a number of destinations for Yoga retreats and Thailand is one of them. One of the top travel destinations in the world, Thailand is also a treat for health vacationers and Yoga enthusiasts. The reason behind the popularity of the destination is the strong connection between Yoga and Buddhism. Being a Buddhist country, Thailand naturally becomes a choice to recoil and surrender to the peaceful retreat experience. Although Thailand is popular for many other debauched holidays, it also seems that the country attracts a number of travelers seeking to have a brie disconnect from their regular lives. Islands like Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are known for Yoga retreats, adventure activities, and hosting wellness vacations. Enjoy delicious food, cheap markets, and culture like never before.

Wondering where to start from, visit Retreat Kula for booking the best of Yoga retreats.

3. Indonesia

The journey to finding a top place for retreats in Asia is not over yet. Indonesia is another destination that has everything to offer you. Bali, the hot spot in Indonesia, was once a favorite destination for love birds, and water sports’ junkies but the spiritual vibe and strong Buddhist influence gradually placed at the top of the list comprising popular destinations for Yoga retreats.The undeniable spiritual energies welcome anyone who is looking out for both emotional as well as physical healing. Although Bali secures major travelers’ attention, it the cultural city of Ubud that shares the center stage here. Owing to its close proximity to beaches of Bali, Ubud attracts a number of Yogis and health vacationers. The amazing rice fields, lush greenery, and pleasant weather shall reel you in.

4. Mexico

Moving on to the land of spicy food, beaches, and gorgeous inhabitants, Mexico. The country carefully reflects an urban city life that nurtures the ancient art of Yoga and vacation spots promoting this full-fledged. This means that now you can enjoy fun from both the worlds- have fun with tacos and flex some Yogic moves on a beach with other health freaks. You can easily get a flight from the USA, Canada or any neighboring country for that matter. Counted amongst the most fun and affordable destinations, you can head on to the assortment of beaches at Tulum, or the Yucatan Peninsula towards west for best of Yoga retreats’ experience. Most of these retreats are organized near beaches so that you soak up the sun, get a nice tan and de-stress, all at once.

5. Costa Rica

The life in Costa Rica is no less than a beautiful dream and this is something that makes it an apt Yoga retreat destination. The very first thing you will notice here is the “Pure Vida” tradition, which translates to an expression used for greeting people and wishing them the best and convey that “everything is okay”. This adds to the beauty and highlights the already prosperous culture of this amazing country. You will sense a feeling of gratitude prevailing in the air and the aroma of positivity and good vibes everywhere, which makes it an optimal choice for seeking solace and centering your scattered emotions. The Yoga retreats in Costa Rica are usually organized and conducted either in deep lush wilderness or at a beach that lets you soak up the goodness.

6. Morocco

Don’t be fooled by the hot weather and the barren desert that covers a major part of Morocco for you will be surprised in this very moment. There are not many onlookers for Africa or the Middle East when it comes to Yoga retreats or spiritual healing but Morocco has a strong stand here. One important thing that you need to take care of is the travel plan you intend to follow. For instance, have a clear idea of the location of the retreat center, nearby adventure activities, dress code (Morocco has a huge Muslim population) and easy ways to navigate through the city. Being located in the African region, it becomes necessary for a traveler to know these things. As for the Yoga retreats, there are many along the Atlantic Coast and you may also have a chance to go for some surfing and other water sports.

7. Sri Lanka

Isolated and aloof on the global map, Sri Lanka is blessed with natural bounties. Yoga in Sri Lanka is definitely one thing that you should not miss. And, why? This country has everything- Greenery, beaches, a mystical historical significance, a connection to the mythology, and a ‘home-like’ feeling to the ambiance. The treasure trove of South Asia, Sri Lanka has its central region dedicated to offering you some of the amazing Yoga retreats. The wilderness will lure you to the core and the ancient sites accentuated by idyllic scenic views shall amplify the overall experience. You can choose to go for Ulpotha, which is a beautiful village area depicting the very traditions of Sri Lanka and also a favored place for most of these retreats. The mud huts, wild forests lining the setup, and circled by mountains where you may meet monks who are living there for ages.

8. Nepal

Himalaya and Yoga, sounds like a match made in heaven. Right? Escape the chaos of the modern city life in typical Asian countries and meet the quieter counterpart, Nepal. A country that is protected by the mighty Himalayas, Nepal is surely a dream come true for hiking enthusiasts and adventure junkies. However, not any people know that Nepal is the home to a number of Yoga retreats, spiritual holidays, and wellness holiday spots. You can choose to go for the beautiful Pokhara for a number of popular Yoga retreats combined with other adventure activities like trekking, hiking or simply mountain climbing. Apart from Pokhara, you can also choose comparatively quieter areas like Bhaktapur that hosts Yoga retreats and even temple retreats where you can chant prayers and connect with the Divine.

9. Peru

Peru has a number of sacred tourist destinations that catapulted its reputation from a common holiday place to becoming a spiritual spot. You will also find a number of holistic healing centers approached by travelers for a wholesome relaxing experience. One of the hot spots in Peru is Machu Picchu, which is a world-renowned travel destination and loved by people interested in everything- history, spirituality, adventure and more. Some of the popular Yoga retreats centers are located around the mountain town of Cusco, which also offers proximity to Machu Picchu. The ruins and the idyllic landscapes in the area makes it an amazing travel destination. No wonder Peru and its historical sites contribute to a growing number of health vacationers visiting every year.

Your search for ideal destinations for Yoga retreats ends here. For the best experience, visit Retreat Kula.


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