5 Couples Yoga Poses That Will Strengthen Your Relationship…

5 Couples Yoga Poses That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

There’s nothing wrong with having a lazy day watching Netflix with your partner or going out to eat together. You can enjoy time together, unwind, and make good memories bonding over a favorite show or meal. However, keep in mind that there are some incredible advantages to doing physical exercise with your partner that you just can’t get on the couch.

Exercising together has been shown to increase emotional bonds between partners, as well as increase the happiness in a relationship and boost the physical attraction each partner feels towards the other. You are also more likely to reach your own fitness goals when you have someone there to impress and to cheer you on!

Yoga is an activity that not only works your body but can be planned with two people in mind. Several couples’ yoga poses can bring you and your partner closer together, while also improving your flexibility and peace of mind. Whether you and your partner are friends, in a new relationship, or are looking for gemstone engagement rings for your happily ever after, yoga will enhance your relationship.

Listed here are just five poses, so make sure to research on your own to design a great yoga routine that both you and your partner will love.

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1) Partner Breathing

This simple exercise will improve your breathing, posture, and make you feel a deeper connection with your loved one. Both participants sit in a cross-legged position, with hands on thighs or knees. Rest your backs against each other. Feel the support your partner offers you. Notice the way they breathe. Try alternating breaths with your partner, so that as one of you inhales, the other exhales. Practice this for several minutes until you feel connected and in sync with your partner.

2) Seated Cat-Cow

Face each other, still with knees crossed. Hold each other’s’ forearms outright, forming a bridge between you that is equally balanced between both partners. Both of you should inhale while opening your chests upwards and arching your backs. Draw your shoulders back and down and enjoy the stretch. Alternate this with your exhale action, which is to draw your chin to your chest and round your upper back. Follow your breathing patterns through these motions, always holding each other’s forearms and offering support to your partner.

3) Temple

Now face each other while standing. Keeping your feet below your hips, inhale, and extend your arms outward. Hinge forward at the waist until you and your partner’s arms meet. Press your forearms to your partner’s, until your arms are at a ninety-degree angle with your fingertips pointed to the sky. Both of your bodies should also be at a roughly ninety-degree angle. While you stretch, feel your partner supporting you as you both open your shoulders and chest to each other.

4) Assisted Backbend

To begin, stand back to back, and hook your elbows together with your partner’s. Slowly, one of you (the base) begins to lean forward, keeping the core engaged, while the other partner (the flier) is lifted from the ground to balance on the base’s back. Hold this pose for a few steady breaths, and then switch partners. This pose has you leaning very literally on your partner for support, and is a great way to engage and stretch your back while doing something fun with the person you love.

5) Partner Forward Fold

Sit facing each other, with legs spread apart. Press the soles of your feet together, and take each other’s forearms. As you inhale together, one partner will lean backward while the other folds inwards at the waist for a full, supported stretch. Stay in the pose long enough to take several slow breaths, and then switch. This pose will stretch your hamstring, or, more accurately, have your partner assist you in stretching your hamstrings. This pose, like all the others, encourages you to help each other stretch, grow, and develop.

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