10 Ways To Start A Community Class…

10 Ways To Start A Community Class


A year ago I started yoga teacher training and decided to serve people with a community yoga class. I wanted to do some voluntary work but couldn’t, so I created one on my own schedule and time.

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The Beginnings

I did the teacher training and immersed myself in the wonderful world of yoga. I was mediating while doing asana, listened to my body, mind, and heart. Also felt the energy in me and learned its potentiality.

As soon as we received our certifications, along with two yoga teachers, I founded a community group called Funday Yoga Community, with the purpose of providing free yoga and meditation class monthly to all who want to participate. It was hard. Searching for a place, making a list of necessities, who is going to offer classes, style, timing, and so on.

We ended up simplifying it. We succeed at it and still doing it, was a blessing more teachers join us and could offer yoga for kids. If you are a yoga teacher and want to serve others through a yoga community class here we are the simple way to do it

10 Steps to Create a Yoga Community Class

  1. Establish your purpose then write it. Why do you want to do it? This helps you stay focused if you lose it momentarily.
  2. Find an accessible place and ask for permit in public places. Some public places like beaches or community parks let you do it without the necessary papers. It saves you time if you do a little research before.
  3. Be on time for scheduled classes. Respect the time of others, as they do yours.
  4. If you ask for donations, you don’t get in trouble. But if you ask for a fee, better have the permits and other required documents.
  5. Have extra yoga essentials like a couple of mats, blocks, and straps. If it is outdoors, always brought an insect repellent.
  6. If you are the teacher, have a copy of your credentials stored on your phone. But if not, then make sure that the teacher who does is certified from an accredited yoga school.
  7. Prepare copies of liability forms to sign. You have to ask your students to sign the forms first before you begin, particularly if you have a participant that has special needs.
  8. Respect the other yoga classes and teachers if they are using the same place too.
  9. It is important to be open to diversity and idiosyncrasies of the place (like the weather and building) and people. Don’t feel bad if you see the need to cancel the class or change where it’s being held.
  10. Have always in mind modifications. Your class can consist of people of different ages and levels, like a young adult or more senior citizens.

Finally, embrace the process and enjoy it. I learned that through serving others, I am serving myself.  I’m helping my community and I love it.


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