Can Yoga Build Self-Discipline?…

Can Yoga Build Self-Discipline?

Goals are rarely achieved without a good dose of self-discipline.

To master a new language, one must be self-disciplined enough to study and practice. Wishing to earn a better career involves quite a lengthy period where self-discipline is paramount to remain focused on this personal objective.

Self-discipline is equally paramount in a yoga practice, no matter which goals a person has – whether it’s spiritual enlightenment or even something more ego-driven. But when talking about yoga for self-discipline, many practitioners may become concerned with a variety of questions:

  • Which technique is better?
  • How often should one need to practice?
  • What results should someone experience right away?

But one does not need self-discipline to practice yoga, meditation, and other forms of spiritual activities. In fact, self-discipline is often the goal of yoga, not the ingredient necessary for it.

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Attaining Self-Discipline Through Yoga

Any activity will most likely require self-discipline – but in the case of yoga, it is this self-discipline that most people are working towards.

Certain aspects can help a person reach self-discipline through yoga:

  • Awareness – Yoga practices will help an individual reach a heightened level of awareness, whether it’s regarding their physical body, emotions, or even spirituality. This awareness can be quite revealing for an individual and lead them to become more self-disciplined, even in all facets of their life. When a person is aware of themselves, of their true desires and needs, they can become more motivated;
  • Consistency – Yoga does not provide practitioners with a shortcut to enlightenment or awareness. Building such effects often takes time, and the practitioner must consistently focus on their practice to experience the gifts this spiritual practice offers, including awareness and self-discipline. But through consistency, people get to build a more solid path towards the discipline of the self;
  • Gratitude – Yoga fosters stronger feelings of gratitude. When a person’s awareness is heightened, and they consistently dedicate themselves to this practice, they can often experience more gratitude regarding the gifts they have in their lives.

By practicing yoga, one will inevitably foster more self-discipline in their life simply because the concept itself is closely connected to the practice.

When practicing yoga for self-discipline, anyone can learn to control the mind and body. Yoga helps people achieve more than they ever thought possible simply by allowing them to become more mentally, physically, and emotionally disciplined and let go of fears and situations which would normally hold them back. A person who has achieved higher awareness through yoga knows not to concern themselves with meaningless matters gone in the blink of an eye. They are consistent in their practice to know what their true priorities are. And they understand the value and importance of gratitude in their daily life.

The Link Between Yoga and Self-discipline

Practicing yoga inevitably changes a person’s life, regardless of the initial motivation. One can begin to take part in such activities to grow their spirituality, become healthier, or even as a way to eventually change their appearance. A level of self-discipline is required, no matter the goal or what fuels it. But, there is a great difference between someone’s self-discipline when they are fueled by their ego and when they are motivated by the desires of their Higher Self.

When fueled by the ego, yoga is simply a means to an end. People can practice it to change a small facet of their lives, such as their appearance, improve their health, or even control stress. But when it’s fueled by something more, such as the desire to become enlightened and more connected with the Divine, this is when the practitioner experiences the full effects of the practice.

In the true sense, being self-disciplined when practicing yoga means opening one’s heart and mind to all the gifts this immersive spiritual practice can offer. It is not a means to become more proficient in this art form, such as holding difficult positions longer. Its effects should field the entire being, mind, body, and spirit.

What Self-discipline Can Bring into Someone’s Life

Some may wonder, why is self-discipline even necessary? What sort of gifts does this level of commitment to one’s journey ultimately bring? Of course, the answer can greatly differ from person to person. One should ask what is missing in one’s life because of a lack of self-discipline. These can be:

  • Comfort
  • Peace
  • Relaxation
  • Love
  • Success, etc.

Self-discipline can bring a way to grow one’s willpower and motivation and even lead to a sense of accomplishment. A person can feel more content and self-aware and understand their true priorities. Self-discipline, when achieved in the real sense of true yoga, can be immensely comforting and serve a person their entire lives.

How to Start Becoming More Self-disciplined Through Yoga

Through consistent practice, self-discipline is an inevitable effect of practicing yoga. The process is an invitation to connect with oneself and become more aware of one’s energy in all its manifestations. The most important part of the journey is beginning in the first place. Deciding this is the path one must take and begin a new chapter that can yield fulfillment. Once this decision is taken fully, adopting this spiritual practice can come easily, as the person will be motivated to reach the destination of heightened awareness and enlightenment.


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