The Busybody’s Guide To Yoga


Have you ever said “I don’t have time to go to yoga,” “I’m too busy for yoga,” or “I don’t have an hour to spare”? Well, think again. If you have time to take a seat, play on your phone, drive or commute somewhere, or take a bathroom break, then you have time for yoga.

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Are you sitting down?

If you are currently are, or spent some time today, sitting, then you have time for yoga. Most of us have horrible posture when we sit—hunching our shoulders, arching our spine, pulling our chin down. When sitting down, take a moment to straighten your spine, bring your shoulders away from your ears, and look forward with a comfortable neck. Feeling yogic already? And if you want to add some more yoga to your sitting, bring your tailbone to the edge of your seat to find a squat, or bring your butt off your chair to find your chair pose, tucking your tailbone and feeling strength in your leg muscles.

Call me maybe?

Next time you’re texting a friend, browsing Facebook, or playing a game on your phone, which occupies, for many, multiple hours a day, find a yoga pose. It doesn’t matter which—maybe a warrior 1, or a goddess pose—but make those idle activities active. Texting causes that same hunching and bad posture as we talked about above. And because being on our phone is a passive activity, our body falls into those same bad habits. But instead, change your habits to good ones. Find activity in your inactivity, and find strength throughout your day!

Wanna take a ride?

If you commute to work or drive somewhere each day, make that time yoga time!

As you sit in the car or on a train or bus, on an exhale, engage your ab muscles and knit them together, on your inhales, release. This helps you strengthen your core, without the commuters next to you giving you weird looks! To increase the intensity, exhale and knit your abs together and hold as you continue with your breath. Don’t forget your proper posture from your seated workout too!

Ready for bed?

We all have a bedtime routine. But does your routine include yoga? As you brush your teeth, find a lunge on one side for the upper teeth, and the other side for the bottom teeth. When you wash your face, fold over the sink, engaging the muscles of your back and your abs to keep your back straight and your core strong. If you have an extra 5 minutes before you lay your head down, take a moment to find a comfortable seat on your bed, close your eyes, and just breathe. You may not have an hour to meditate, but you certainly have 5 minutes to spare. It will help calm your body and cool your brain down in preparation for bedtime.

So you don’t have time?

So next time you say you don’t have time, are too busy, or don’t have an hour for a yoga class, think again. Whether you’re a yogi or not, you have time throughout your day to be active, feel strong, and breathe. You just have to change your typical routine of passive activities to active ones. Take note of your routine, the things you do each day, and find ways to incorporate yoga, movement, and breath work into your every day. After just a few days, you’ll find your body, brain, and breath all benefiting!


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Kristin Niemi

Bumps in the road of life originally brought Kristin Niemi to yoga, and yoga has continued to be a positive…

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