Is Beer + Yoga The New Trend?…

Is Beer + Yoga The New Trend?

Yoga has gone far beyond the ordinary from Aqua Yoga and Aerial Yoga to Karaoke Yoga, and now, Beer Yoga. Yoga is meant to calm and relax your body and mind. And that means, no restrictions on how to do it. It is getting more versatile and unconventional by the day.

Yoga has started to reach out and appeal to different types of people. Yoga studios around the world are currently offering various combinations and styles, and the most trending style of late is Beer Yoga.

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Beer Yoga

The concept of Beer Yoga originated in Germany, and it is now going viral. It is slowly being adopted internationally because, well, it’s about beer and yoga the two most relaxing things coming together to form the perfect union.

The ultimate goal of beer yoga is to feel stress-free, relaxed, and mainly happy. Beer Yoga experts from Germany support the idea of stretching your body in a relaxing motion while drinking sip by sip from a bottle of beer. This is because beer is known to calm your mind. Hence, a chilled bottle of beer adds a little more relaxation.

Yoga itself is the best way to clear your mind and relax. The mindfulness of yoga adds perfectly to the joy of drinking beer. It helps you forget all of your worries and concentrate on you and just you. We all practice yoga to find peace and get rid of stress, and if that means drinking a bottle of chilled beer, that should be perfectly fine. Teachers encourage this process as having a bottle of chilled beer occasionally is good for your health. Moderate consumption of beer can increase the good cholesterol levels in your blood.

New Fitness Craze?

Beer Yoga is now ranking as the next big international fitness craze. This new technique has blown our minds, and how! It’s just that simple take a sip of your cold beer and get on with yoga. You will love how your mind is gradually relaxing while your body is eliminating stress.

Quite understandably, a few experts are questioning this method of yoga. Beer Yoga may sound fun, but it is much more. It brings together the philosophies of yoga and the pleasure of drinking beer for utmost satisfaction. Now that you know what Beer Yoga is all about, you might be super excited to try it out. It is the perfect therapy for your mind, body, and soul.

Grab your yoga mat and a chilled beer and get ready to pamper yourself with the experience of Beer Yoga.


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