All About Yoga And Fitness…

All About Yoga And Fitness

We are all aware of the fact that yoga is a historical practice to attain mental, spiritual as well as physical fitness followed since ages. Their existence can be traced back to Vedas and ancient Indian texts and we should feel proud about it!

It is a matter of immense excitement and comfort that Yoga and meditation can be taken up by any individual regardless of age, gender or their health status. There is no pre-requisite or pre conditions to commence with practice of meditation and yoga. One does not need to know the names and types of yoga postures, meditation types etc. Also, I want to lay emphasis to its basis that the beginner need not be very informed and energetic on the very first day itself.

Those interested in learning about yoga and meditation can connect to different meditation classes online or in person. Let me site a perfect example of such school: SMH School of meditation and yoga ( SMH school of meditation offers multiple courses on meditation, yoga, ayurvedic cooking etc to help those interested. Well informed trainers and guides available on these classes tell about yoga and its rules, postures etc from the scratch. One can take up yoga at any stage of their life and embark on a journey towards their all-round transformation and solace. Sounds so easy and fun!! With the guidance rendered by guides and teachers, practitioners can commence this journey with utmost ease and have all information about yoga on their fingertips.

What next? Once a person has decided to practice yoga and include it as a part of their daily routine, they will be asked by their guide to choose comfortable yoga attire for themselves. There is no need to opt for costly and stylish yoga pants for doing yoga. Rather, one can opt for any comfortable cloth of their choice and style. Further, the person should be preparing gradually to perform yoga in a humid environment. They should be mentally prepared to sweat and accordingly choose light material clothing. The clothing should enable the person to move, bend etc with ease and maximum flexibility. Again so easy and well aligned!!!

Wearing form-fitting clothing can also help us check our alignment and body posture.

Then comes the task of mat selection. After selecting a comfortable and suitable clothing, the person needs to find out a yoga mat for themselves. These mats are of different shapes, sizes and textures. One should thus opt for mat as per their comfort, physique and needs. Mats can be purchased, ordered online or can be rented at decent costs. I want to draw your attention towards a few factors that should be considered while selecting a mat. The mat should be non-slippery. It should render good amount of taction. Also, the mat should be quick in drying with good gripping.

I would also like you to know about yoga props. I believe that this will aid you not only in correct practice of yoga but is also going to make yoga fun!!!Hence, the practitioner should also embrace some yoga props to enhance and complement their yoga routine. These props help practitioners especially beginners to increase their body strength and flexibility. They also help us to check if our yoga postures are correct. They help us during practice and thus, play a significant role in our physical training. Some of these props can be Blocks. These blocks help those doing yoga to make many poses with correct alignment. In turn they augment body strength and flexibility. Other example of prop can be yoga straps which provide our body length and space to maintain different yoga postures with correctness and ease. Gradually, it can lead to increased overall bodyflexibility.

I guess we all believe that Yoga and meditation are the need of present day world without giving a second thought to it. This world is full of stress, anxiety, distress, work load etc. Each one of us has the desire to reach higher status in the society which compels them to over burden themselves. Right??? As a result, we suffer from blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and many other non-communicable diseases such as asthma, vitamin and mineral deficiencies etc. Yoga encompasses rhythmic breathing which helps release the stress and toxins from our body system. This can lead to a gradual improvement in physical fitness. Don’t you think we need to devote some time to ourselves? For well-being of our own? The answer from all us would be in affirmation I ruminate.

Figure 1This pie chart depicts how we need to devote time to ourselves.

Let me tell you how yoga and psychology of humans are interconnected. The simple yoga positions give a complex, effective and multi-dimensional training and toning to human body. Like for instance in yoga positions performed on the floor: one simply lies and hold a position while we breathe and during those breathing seconds for which our position lasts, our entire body undergoes a complex workout where most of the muscles of the body is trained and toned in a relaxed, soothing and aware manner.

It is a scientifically proven fact that yoga and meditation have mental as well as physical benefits. It is one of the most efficient ways to achieve physical fitness and wave off burden of diseases.

Yoga practice leads to stretching of body muscles and nerves which leads to an improved blood circulation protecting our body from clots and blood pressure. Also with yoga practice our body becomes more tolerant and resistant to many diseases as our immune system becomes stronger.

Yoga also improves functioning of our cardiovascular system, lymphatic system and respiratory system. Also it makes those practising yoga energetic and thus disposes off fatigue and lethargy. It also helps in maintenance of our body cholesterol levels. This prevents us from fatal heart attacks and global problems such as obesity. So many benefits!!1 yet counting and counting.

What is the importance of mental well-being? A peaceful mind complements a healthy body. Yoga releases the toxins that get accumulated in the cells of our body due to everyday stress. This makes the mind more calm and peaceful. Thus, yoga imparts a significant role mental fitness of an individual.

Hence, I firmly believe and conclude without a seed of doubt that yoga improves an individual’s physical as well as mental well-being. It is easy to adopt and include as a part and parcel of our everyday life. There are many online as well as in person classes and centres to guide us. Hence, yoga and overall fitness of human body have an eternal link. I hope each one of you can connect to me as well!!!


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