Yes, You Are Weird, Odd, Strange, Quirky, Spiritual And It’s OK!!…

Yes, You Are Weird, Odd, Strange, Quirky, Spiritual And It’s OK!!

So…You love visiting your local metaphysical store…you are very interested in exploring yourself through the esoteric tools of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Palmistry, Cardology, candles, crystals, incents, Sun’s Eye oils and watching endless amounts of spiritual, metaphysical and occult videos. You are literally and intentionally discovering the deeper parts of yourself and as a result bettering yourself.

The problem is that within the first phase of all of this, you are within what is called your “SPIRITUAL Awakening.” Because this information is so exciting and revealing to you and it is sorting out elements of yourself that are making you a better person and answering questions that have always been on your mind yet, never had an answer for…you want to share this information with family members, friends, co-workers and anyone who will listen. Why? Because you want them to feel the same mental freedom that you are experiencing.

Then you start to realize that the people that you are trying to share this information with…do not want to hear you!! They look at you as if you are a fool!!! So you start to feel insecure and doubt the path that you are taking.



Here are 4 stances that you must take to protect your energy, vibration and continue to progress on your path.

1. Do not share your spiritual revelations with anyone who does not ask

I know that this may go against the giving spirit that you have and the positive energy that you radiate but, trust me…in order to maintain your light you need to understand that you are exploring information that is making you more positive and opening your eyes to a very different method of approaching life. However, many people are of a very different vibration that embraces fear, hopelessness, anger, distrust, disgusts and there are people who are looking for any excuse to turn loose their self doubt on someone else. You must become aware of who will be receptive of your positivity and who will not. If you are working a job and not self employed than by all means PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR THE VOCABULARY AND DETAILS OF YOUR SPIRITUAL BELIEFS

Unfortunately, revealing your truth could be the fastest way to lose your job, thus a decision on how to creatively manage your financial situation will lead you to…the “Valley of Decision.”

2. The pressure and pain of wanting to be accepted by family…is very potent

One of the first decisions that a person who has become spiritually awakened makes is to stop attending church on Sunday morning. It may not be an immediate choice however, it is a choice that many on the journey will find at the crossroads of spirituality and religion.

Your soul longs to explore ALL RELIGIONS

In addition to many spiritual/soul paths and routines. The soul self is limitless and does not appreciate confinement. On your path you will want to define “The Most High,” “God,” on your own terms. This will not sit well with family members in most situations. It takes a very open minded family to accept another family members change in belief system (knowing system). Unfortunately, as it is in the “average” Christian family for example, especially if the family has gone to the same church for generations then it is going to be a big problem to tell mom or dad etc, that you do not want to go to church anymore.

You may become an outcast and shunned by your family and friends. The question of why are you not going to church may come up in addition to your decision to were crystal jewelry. You will need both pockets full of black tourmaline

to block the negativity that you may have to face…yet we deal in thoughts creating situations…yet you may have to experience pain before peace.

Can you stand strong in your new knowledge?

It can be harder than you think…

3. You must be your own Spiritual Teacher/”GURU” Don’t Kiss Spiritual Ass (Follow your Soul)

You may have been considering or have already contacted someone for a spiritual consultation or reading, which is a good thing. The guidance that can be provided to an individual who is trying to find their footing and gain confidence in the early stages of the spiritual /soul journey is priceless. However, the problem comes in when the seeker is too afraid to take the counsel received, move forward on it and then through the thought process of the information received and the living of life and the comparison of pre counsel and post counsel..

seeing the playing out of the spiritual consultation live and in action is the best teacher

However, the problem truly sets in when a spiritual teacher tries to manipulate from the perspective of “you need them and cannot grow spiritually on your own.” This form of manipulation is wrong. Your Life Path, Destiny, Soul Number, Birthday Number, Charisma Number, Testing Numbers, Extraordinary Numbers, are uniquely yours!!

No one else is on your personal journey BUT YOU, and once you are provided with the correct thought patterns, information and tools YOU ARE MEANT TO GAIN WISDOM.

One thing is for sure, people who are full of shit do not like to see a person gain confidence and change their life circumstances for the better…yeah IT AIN’T NO FUN WHEN THE RABBIT GOT THE GUN  meaning, the securing of KNOWLEDGE/KNOW HOW that’s when the Game of Life Changes.

4. Connect with Positive People of INTEGRITY who are on the Spiritual Path

It is sad that I have to mention such a thing but, there are people whom you will encounter on your path that are not what they appear to be. There are those who will claim to be more advanced than they really are for financial benefit. There are people within spiritual circles who addicted to weed, alcohol, sex and drama, yet somehow they still have something of a respectable connection to the higher realms. Yet, do not hold the people who are on the spiritual path to a higher standard than they are capable of being or that they are capable of showing. Hold yourself to a high standard that is on a reasonable level and allow yourself to make mistakes and allow other people the same grace.

However, be clear…everyone who claims this lifestyle is not all the way where they claim to be on a mental level. Some people cannot give a reading unless they are high… Some people will try to discount your person spiritual experience in exchange for their own story as if their experience was more dramatic and worthy of the level of knowledge that they have achieved while looking down on you… Sad… Anyone that you meet who has integrity will applaud your personal journey and share experiences not compare experiences.

Encouragement and support is an important part of integrity. As in any other component of life their should be a situation where people simply want to see you WIN..WINNING ON YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY..

Please do not be discouraged…You are unique and your journey is for you and you do not have to compare, compromise, nor apologize for becoming a more positive, patient, progressive, and powerful person. Your aura is changing and as it does some people will be able to accept your light and that same light may move others away from you. That is a part of the journey. Yet, be assured that the people who will support and love you for the new person that you are becoming will arrive in due time.


My name is Jassiri Nassor , I am a Numerologist, Tarot reader, Writer and student of various disciplines of esoteric study. I utilize Numerology and Tarot to assist individuals to move past uncertainty and limiting beliefs in order to realize their full potential on life’s spiritual journey. I can be contacted at


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I am a Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Guide, and student of various disciplines of esoteric study. I have gained insight…

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