This Year, I Will Get Out Of The Way…

This Year, I Will Get Out Of The Way

This year I will get out of the way. I will let go of the ego that has been formed and influenced by others; as a defense, as an offense, as a way of coping, as a way of hiding, as a way of protecting, as a way of standing out or fitting in. Of the mind that forms opinions or has an immediate reaction to something or someone and thinks it always knows exactly what is best (for you or for me).

I will dedicate myself to the practice of taming the unwanted and constant stream of incessant mental chatter, often accompanied by a soundtrack — the song stuck in my head and playing on repeat. It is always interfering. With sleep, with productivity and most especially with creativity. I will practice sitting behind it all and tune in instead to how I am feeling. And when all else fails I will turn inward to the sound of my inner voice, my eternal and wise ancestors, my guides and my highest self; there whenever I need them.

This year I will get out of the way. I will relinquish control of taking charge of it all. I will resist the urge to force things to happen or to figure out how I will get to where I want to be. I will work on allowing. Trusting with every fiber of my being that everything — even the times when it seems all is wrong or lost — everything is there to help me stretch and grow to my next evolution. I will replace any fear with the knowing that I am being held by a love that is astounding and that all I need to do to feel it is to close my eyes and let it in.

This year I will gently and consistently remind my stubborn Aries heart that my thoughts are creating my world, not my actions. And that action is effortless when it is driven by inspiration, or “breathing in spirit.” I will shift my well conditioned mind away from the sense of accomplishment that comes from a checked off to-do list; aiming instead to place value on whether or not I feel deep appreciation for where I am in the moment. I will look forward instead to the action that comes as a result of enjoying what I have created; because what is the point in creating if you do not take time to enjoy it?

Most importantly, this year I will relinquish my obsession with time. Working consciously to replace the tired and worn script that is always in the background saying: “time is flying by” and “there’s not enough time in the day.” I will reach for this thought instead: time is a concept humans made to drive us harder and push us faster. Spirit intends that you slow down and relish what is around you.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.” Albert Einstein

This year I will get out of the way. I will get out of my own way, allowing life to unfold before me. I will strive for the internal peace that can only be found by living in the now; expecting nothing but the chance to experience the magic and awe of life’s seeming coincidences. This year I choose to live my life as though everything is a miracle. Because I finally understand that it is.

P.S. the photo above is of the sunrise on January 1, 2018, taken from my bedroom window


Thanks for reading. Means the world to me. Kindly, Kerrie or facebook or instagram or twitter


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