Write For Us!

We’d love to have you share your inspiration, experience, and thoughts with hundreds of thousands here on SivanaEast. Getting started is easy! Come up with a topic that might interest others, ie: meditation, prana, chakras, holistic healing, reincarnation, yoga, crystals, spirituality, etc. Once you are ready to write, please make sure you create an account with us first. Once you’ve created your account and are ready to post, simply click on the Submit a Post button, located in the top right corner of the SivanaEast site (you can add images and videos as well). Then click “Write an Article“. 

A new page will open as your ‘draft post’, allowing you to add your article title, body, description, featured image, and apply it to specific categories:

Once you’ve finished, click either “Submit Your Article” or “SAVE” your article is a DRAFT to finish it later. After you’ve submitted, we’ll let you know when you’re article is published via email. To edit a draft you have previously saved, click on your profile picture in the top right corner, select “My Posts” and in the dropdown under Posts, select DRAFTS – from there you’ll be able to edit & save again for later or publish.

A few tips

We want to help you make your posts the best, most shared, and most read, they can be. Focus on giving the reader something they can ‘take away’ after reading the article. Something they can apply to their lives.

  1. Pictures: you must provide a picture of your choosing
  2. Engaging Post Title (Ex. “9 Facts about Ganesh that you haven’t heard”)
  3. Break the article up into paragraphs to make it easier to read
  4. No promotional links/business promotion allowed unless with prior permission
  5. Add ‘subheadings’ to each paragraph to make the content easy to scan
  6. You can add pictures within the article, using the editor like this:
  7. You can also add videos within the article using the editor, but make sure you press ENTER after it:
  8. Fill out the right sidebar information, then press submit:
  9. Make sure you have an author bio (not longer than 3-4 sentences) including embedded links & if you have any social media sites to include!

How to get featured on the homepage

The SivanaEast editorial team is always looking for great content, and we know you have a lot of fascinating stuff to share! By default, all your posts are visible for logged in users and everyone with the link and a SivanaEast account can see your post. However, you have the chance to reach thousands more if you allow us to feature your post. That happens when we think your article has a ‘special sauce’ — something we think has the potential to reach a larger audience. For those special articles, we take them to the front page.

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