WOW! How Great — 6 Planets Will Be In Their Own Houses Today 13 September 2020…

WOW! How Great — 6 Planets Will Be In Their Own Houses Today 13 September 2020

September 13, 14 and 15, 2020, something wonderful and rare will occur in the world of Jyotish.

What it is is this: 6 planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn) will be in their own signs except for Venus. Beautiful, the Sun is in Leo, the Moon is in Cancer, Mercury is in Virgo, Mars is in Aries, Jupiter is in Sagittarius and Saturn is in Capricorn. A planet is always extremely happy and strong in its’ own sign. Just like most of us are happy when we are at home. This is a very rare phenomenon as this occurred last time about 500 years ago.

I have a strong feeling that this will indicate a huge positive shift for the whole world. Meditate, pray and chant that we all will feel something wonderful. This does not mean that all the poverty and illnesses will disappear but this is the beginning of some good things going to happen which we will see gradually with the time. It is like that huge oak tree that we all admire started out with a tiny seed

People can use this auspicious period to pray for the realization of their wishes. It does not matter if one or more planets are retrograde (actually, according to Hart de Fouw), retrogression is a blessing (roughly equivalent to exaltation) and not a curse. Do not ask too many questions, just enjoy this time and pray that your wishes will get fulfilled. May the 9 planets bless and protect you all forever and ever!THEJA



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