Worlds Within Worlds

Meditation with Visualization – simple tools to still the mind and expand awareness

By Fiona Almeleh

As soon as I reached G-d ’s unity, I became a bird whose body was of Oneness and whose wings were of Everlastingness. I went on flying until I reached the expanse of eternity and gazed upon the Tree of Oneness

Abu Yazid Bastami – 9th Century Sufi Poet

Meditation can be a beautiful entry point to visualization. It acts to still the mind and settle the body, making possible a clearer intent. Through it, one can be guided to entering an inner space of tranquility and greater connectedness. It is from this still center, that one may safely be taken on an inner journey.

Visualization and meditation help us to more easily access our intuitive natures and gain insight into our daily living where our spirits can rejoice in the freedom to explore. Working in this way we give ourselves the possibility of recognizing and connecting with hitherto unknown agendas and motivations. It’s also a perfect opportunity to give credence and respect to our creative minds in a very left-brained society.

The energy of thought may be enhanced or lowered through intention. In other words, a thought is a creative impulse and can change the pattern or relationship of the energy flow within us by changing what we think and ultimately believe. We can choose to reflect the light or not. In essence, we can consciously choose to work with those thoughts and images that will grow us, ennoble us, and keep us true to ourselves. This does not imply that in life we will not feel, or be faced with pain or difficulty, but if we hold true to ourselves, we can meet it authentically and act responsibly.

A visualization can be a useful tool for improving the quality of life, giving insight through dreaming and fantasy into worlds within worlds. Primarily, all that is required is the inner permission to take yourself on an adventure.

Beginning –

When starting a meditation or visualization, it’s important where possible, to sit with one’s spine erect but not tense. Having an inner attitude of attention and softness helps to maintain wakefulness but in a relaxed manner. Try to ensure that you will not be disturbed and if you wish you can light a candle and saying a blessing. If you choose to work with someone, make sure that they have a peaceful presence and a voice you enjoy listening to. They would need to be sensitive to you and to what is required, as they may need to pause or vary the tone of their voice slightly from time to time. An alternative is that you pre-record the journey for yourself.

The following meditations are ones I have used in the past with groups and in private session work. They include journeying with imagery which makes the experience unique to each person.


Merging with your Radiant Self

Make sure you are sitting comfortably and will not be disturbed. Gently close your eyes and feel yourself letting go as you begin to observe your breathing.

With each out-breath, focus on letting go of all that has gone before this moment and with each in-breath be aware of the new possibilities that are held within each new moment. Remember, everything in nature dies on the out-breath and all that is born is born on an in-breath. Surrender to the feeling of peace and relaxation – let go of any extraneous thoughts and associations; there is no need to attach to any of them because they are not who you are.

Within this silence, begin to imagine yourself completely enveloped in the finest, golden, gossamer radiance. You feel completely protected. Here, you may inwardly ask that whatever negative energy is held within your energy-field, be spun out and that only the purest energy filter through the fine, etheric mesh.

As you breathe in, breathe in love and as you breathe out breathe out gratitude. Continue doing this until you feel completely at peace.

You are now going to go on a journey to consciously be one with your Radiant or Eternal Self who has the greatest unconditional love for you as you embrace your life. Allow yourself to only ever be guided by your truth.

Gently become aware of yourself standing on the bank of a large, slow-flowing river at dawn. The world is just beginning to awaken to the first birdsong, and the air is fresh and clean. There’s a faint mist sitting on the water and everything feels pregnant with new possibility.

Your senses are keenly alive and you feel the universe breathing life into everything around you. You too, feel yourself being breathed by the universe and as you look across the water, there is a murmuring of sacred breath rippling gently upon the surface – then all is still – perfectly still.

This stillness is within you and you feel timeless and spaceless. You gently lift your face to the sun, which has now risen above the water becoming a brilliant orb of warm, golden light. You find you can look directly into it and before long you begin to discern a radiant being emerging from it.

As your eyes become accustomed to the luminosity of this being, you notice rays of the most spectacular colours streaming from what appears as their body of light and before long they are standing before you, pulsating with colour and radiating so much love and beneficence that you feel totally blessed with the grace of All That Is.

There is so much light around you that you are no longer able to sense where you begin or end. You are only aware at this moment that you are both joined at the heart center and your bodies have merged into one great radiance. There is no separation. Your consciousness expands with each breath and you experience being eternal. You have surrendered to the vast silence of purest peace.

Allow yourself to be acutely aware of any energy shifts that may be taking place. Simply observe them. Remind yourself that the way to return to this connection is always through the well of silence and stillness. This is the way that you can avail yourself of your inner guidance at any moment.

For now, reflect with gratitude whilst still holding the radiance of the light within your heart. When it feels right, begin to bring your attention and awareness back. Take as long as you need and let your breath bring you into the environment.

Only when you are ready, gently open your eyes and remain still for a while before moving into the rest of your day. Remember that being mindful as you go about your daily work helps to reconnect you with the source of your own light and peace.


Sacred Throne

Prepare yourself by ensuring you will not be disturbed and then if possible settle yourself in an upright sitting position. Make sure that your back is straight and your body relaxed, keeping your legs and arms uncrossed.

Begin by simply following your breath till you feel centered.

Now focus your attention inwardly on the image of a simple candle flame. This flame is unmoving and is every colour of the rainbow. Feel your full awareness being drawn to its center and merging completely with the flame. The colours now change and you are infused with a violet radiance that washes through you leaving you feeling completely refreshed, cleansed and transformed.

Stay within this violet radiance till it feels right to step out. Looking at your beautiful body of light, you discover that you are now adorned in what appears to be celestial robes of exquisite, flowing colours that spread and flow around you; each colour imparting their unique qualities. You may have a sense of what these qualities are and what they symbolize for you. Allow these insights to settle into your awareness and when it feels right, allow yourself to shift awareness.

You now find that you are standing on the shore of a small island, suspended in a glistening sea. Above the sky is like a crystal-clear sapphire blue dome. Just stand for a moment, drinking in the beauty and tranquility.

Before long you begin to hear music. The is sun directly overhead and there is the gentlest of breezes. You are drawn to an area in the center of the island where you find a small clearing surrounded by trees and flowers. In the clearing is a natural rocky platform, with a large velvet cushion. This cushion has exactly the same colours as your robes and you begin to understand that this is your special place. You move towards the rocks and sit down on the cushion.

As you sit down, you feel as though everything surrounding you is supporting you and this fills your heart with a deep sense of gratitude.

Sit quietly for a while, connecting with the immense feeling of peace. There is access to greater wisdom here and you are invited to ask any questions relevant to your current life.

As you ask these questions, the answers just seem to bubble up. Each answer brings with it a symbolic gift that you may place somewhere in your body for safekeeping. These gifts may be anything that appears to you and it’s not necessary that you understand what they represent right now. Just be open to receiving. The wisdom of your Greater Self is available to you and you can make an affirmation or wish at this time.

Gradually you allow the scenery to disappear. Picture yourself in your flaming celestial robes slowly taking on a more solid, physical form. Nothing of the experience will be lost or diminished of the peace and in harmony. You clearly remember the messages that you’ve received, as well as the gifts from spirit. You know that whenever there is a difficulty in your life, you can call on this wisdom and allow the gifts of symbolism to guide and support you.

Very gently, and in your own time, bring your awareness fully back into the room in which you are sitting. With a joyful heart, you sense your wonderful body and the life that’s coursing through your veins. Flex your fingers and toes and open your eyes as if you are seeing for the very first time.


Ascending Meditation

Having settled yourself comfortably either in a chair or on the floor, ensure that your spine is erect and your head held upright. Allow your whole body to relax, and feel yourself letting go of all tension. As you breathe in, you breathe the thought of softness and as you breathe out, let go of any difficulties or negative associations.

Just follow your breath till you begin to experience being breathed by the universe.

As you relax more and more, you begin to have the understanding that everything that has happened in your life has been teaching you to love unconditionally. You see that all your experiences, though at times painful and challenging, have brought you to this now-point. In this moment you sense that you have always been held and loved and there is neither criticism nor judgment. Here you feel ready and poised to take the next step forward, whatever that may involve, knowing that it holds the possibility of you moving forward with an expanding heart.

All those that have been there for you and those who still wait to support you, are encouraging you to turn to them and ask about life. If there are any particular questions that you have at this time, ask within and allow the answers to come through. Know that while you remain in the light, those answers will always be for your highest good.

You are now invited to ascend a very special mountain. As you look ahead, you see a long and winding path that snakes up the mountain, past boulders and many different types of terrain. You experience a little apprehension, but feel committed to making this journey.

Initially, you find the ascent tiring, but this is soon replaced by a feeling of excitement and you begin to meet this challenge with joy. You enjoy the feeling of your body working and have profound gratitude for your wonderful vehicle.

As you climb higher, the air is clearer and you begin to feel a lot lighter. You notice everything around you; the rocks, plants, bird and animal life, but most importantly, you notice how much you feel a part of all this. There’s a different kind of sense filling you now and it seems to be growing from your solar plexus region. You are beginning to feel powerful in yourself. You have a strong sense of belonging.

Gradually you come to a point where you can see that you’re not very far from the top of the mountain. With great determination, you inhale deeply and within a short time, you find yourself at what feels like the top of the world. As you look around from this summit, you see everything below covered by a mist that gives it an almost other-worldly reality.

You choose to explore further and as you look ahead you become aware of a very beautiful temple. This is your sacred temple and you allow it to become whatever you imagine. One of the distinctly noticeable things about it is that it is surrounded by clouds of continually changing colours and that each of these colours has a particular sound. These sounds together form the most exquisite, ethereal music you have ever heard. For a while, this almost takes your breath away as you realize this is your music and these are your soul colours.

As you drink this all in, you notice a golden light emanating from the center of the temple. You walk towards it and climb several steps that lead you through an archway. The music invites you to the center of the building where everything about your life becomes clear. You remember your soul’s gifts and are grateful for the lessons you’ve learned and are yet to learn. Your whole being is infused with light and music and you know you are an aspect of G-d. Stay with this and give thanks for what you have received. When its time to leave the Temple find a place on the mountain where you can sit quietly before returning.

In your own time and only when it feels right, begin to have a sense of your body sitting in the chair or on the ground. Feel the weight of each limb. Don’t rush, and remember you can return to the temple on the mountain at any time in order to uplift your spirits, reconnect with the wisdom of your soul and enter into a place of peace and tranquility.


Losing yourself to love

Settle yourself comfortably in a sitting position either on the floor or in a chair. Ensure that your spine is straight. It helps to imagine that a fine, invisible thread is pulling your head gently upward from the crown. Allow your arms to rest against your body, and your hands to be relaxed. It does not matter whether they are palm up or down. If you are seated, have your feet flat on the floor.

As you close your eyes, scan your entire body for areas of tension and allow a feeling of softness to take its place. Focus especially on the eyes, mouth and jaw area. Just allow the muscles to relax even if you need to slightly drop the jaw and open the mouth.

Begin observing and following your breath, gradually allowing yourself to be breathed naturally. Don’t try to change it in any way. Simply observe. You will begin to have the sense that the universe is now breathing you.

Gently move your focus of attention to just above your navel. As you do so, a soft, golden radiance emanates from this area spreading itself in a cocoon shape around and just beyond your body. This brings with it a deep feeling of calm and peace at the same time as anchoring and protecting you as you begin to journey inward.

Imagine yourself walking on soft, warm sand. You feel welcomed by it and as you take each new step, you’re aware that dry sand is already beginning to fill the footprint you left before. Your body is naked and you can feel the sun’s rays on your skin. As you look around, you realize that you are on a secluded part of a beach. The sound of the waves crashing onto the rocks nearby plus the odd cry of a seagull fills your ears and you feel absolutely free and at peace. Your heart expands with each sigh of the ocean. You feel blessed by the grace of All that Is.

As you look to the right, you notice that there is a protected little cove with its own rock pools. You wander over and sit in a shady spot, resting against a large, upright rock. From this vantage point, you have a view of the entire beach and see that it is completely private.

As you lean back against the solid support of the rock, you can hear the water playing and gurgling amongst the pebbles in the rock pools. In a blissful reverie, you close your eyes and drift off. You then become aware of looking at yourself resting against the rock. The difference is that your consciousness seems clearer, brighter and more colourful.

You know your body is safe as it rests in the cove and you decide to glide up beyond the beach and over the ocean. You feel limitless and as you look down at the area you have just risen above you begin to see much more. There are beautiful mountains, rivers running into the sea, land with buildings, animals, people, and vegetation.

You understand that as small as everything appears, you, too, are part of that, but you are also free to experience this expanded and higher view. As you survey the scene below, you’re filled with an immeasurable love and respect for all life. You see how everything is connected.

With this, you move higher, and without losing your focus on the planet, you begin to sense and recognize that you are just one of a myriad of other light beings around you. Here there are no boundaries and you and the other beings around you share the same level of consciousness.

You are one with all that emanates from the source and your sole desire and focus are to assist the Earth as she moves into a higher level of her own consciousness.

With one intention, you and the collective soul of which you are a part, lovingly manifest the most delicate and subtle violet light and direct this at the Earth, totally enveloping her and all that are part of her. Your intention is that this violet light works to transform and transmute negative energy within all the energy fields of all beings, permeating through to every living cell.

As you observe this beautiful little planet, you see that all of life is being suffused by this light, and the result is a gradual awakening and remembering of each one’s soul purpose. As this happens, you notice that shadows are lightly moving out of the auras of every living being, including the body of the Earth. These shadows merge into one and as they move towards the light, they transform as they become part of the light.

It feels as though the Earth is sighing and letting go. With the next impulse, you project a soft green ray of light, directing this to the Earth. You sense that as it touches the heart of all, evoking and encouraging the qualities of balance, harmony, co-operation, and healing. Something miraculous now takes place, as the most beautifully soft, pink light of unconditional love, now glows from the center of the Earth. Everything begins to radiate this and it feels as if all life has been washed through.

At this point, you decide to re-enter the Earth’s vibrational field and with the greatest love and respect, you pinpoint your focus on your physical body as it rests against the rock by the sea. You know that you are not separating from your celestial family, but are returning for the specific purpose of lovingly supporting the positive transitions of the Earth through your thoughts and deeds.

As you return, your essential body of light gently rests back into your physical form. Your journey is almost complete. Slowly become aware of your physical body and its sensations. Listen to the sounds around you and allow them to bring you fully back into the local environment.

Be aware of your body in the chair, or on the floor and begin to focus your attention once more on following your breath. Very gently and in your own time, flex your toes and fingers and gently open your eyes.

Artwork by Fiona Almeleh – Dreaming of Berachah


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