On Women, Taking Up Space, And The Physical Manifestation Of Food…

On Women, Taking Up Space, And The Physical Manifestation Of Food


I was listening to self-identified feminist, Caitlin Moran, on the Nerdette podcast and found myself identifying with what she detailed out for her listeners.

It seems that men put on their pants in the morning and say, ‘Ahhh, I am Sam. I shall take up space in the world today.’

Yet women wake up and think, ‘My skin isn’t how I want it, my hair isn’t cooperating, and I can’t believe I didn’t have enough willpower to not eat dessert last night.’

The subconscious message that sends to our minds is this:

“I shall take up less space today because I’m not worthy of more.”

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Choose Yourself

That subconscious message continues to flow in us throughout the day.

If we are honest with ourselves we sometimes don’t make the best food choices because we believe we’re not deserving of nourishment.

We convince ourselves that we’ll do better tomorrow, based on some deep-seated notion that we’ll do better when we have it all together. When our skin is perfect.

When we feel deserving of our place in the world. When we get outside motivation that we mistakenly believe will inspire inner transformation.

So we don’t make a food choice that screams, ‘I’m choosing myself. In this moment of weakness and self-doubt, I’m choosing me. And I’m too valuable to put food inside of me that doesn’t nourish me back.’

Even when we don’t feel like it, say it.

When we don’t feel worthy at all is when we need the most nourishment.

Food is more than something you grab between back-to-back meetings.

Food is life. Food is energy. How we eat is how we live. I want to eat in a way that breathes life, love, nourishment, and energy.

Counter the Inner Critic

Confucius one said, ‘I want you to be everything that’s you, deep at the center of your being.’

Outside motivation is not at the deep center of your being.

Inner transformation shall always be the work of mindful magic that happens in seemingly inauspicious moments.

Those moments in the mirror when you smile through the voice of your inner critic and counter, “You don’t get a voice here. You are equally a part of me and I acknowledge you, but you have no place in this moment. In this moment I am thankful for this body that houses a beautiful soul, a body that protects me and supports my dreams, desires, and ambitions.”

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to have it all together.

Deep at the center of my being is someone who realizes that it’s in those moments of growth and gratitude that I learn more about myself–the deepest of deep knowing of self. In that place is where you realize that you’ll never have it all together; you’ll never arrive.

And that’s a beautiful thing. Because in this imperfect moment is when I need the most love, the most nourishment, the most self-dedication. So 3 times a day, I choose me.


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Tiffany Bassford

Tiffany Bassford, PMP is Certified International Health Coach, a career project manager, avid ballroom dancer, and life and food enthusiast…

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