I’m not a witch. But I do some witchy things. I burn candles, sage, incense and worship nature.

I’m not Christian. But I follow Christ. The Bible means nothing to me, but the cross and the teaching’s of Christ do.

I’m not Buddhist. But I meditate, and live in accordance with the Buddhist traditions.

I am not a Muslim, Hindu or Jew. But have taken great comfort in the Koran, Bhagavad Gita and the Torah.

I am a student of life. The connectedness that we all share. The sacred passage from life to death to life. With each new awakening, the opportunity to shed some of the ego that we carry. Seeing the value in all life being equal. Suspending the need to be saved. Suspending the need to be right. Suspending the need to judge.

Love is who we are. Everything else, only gets in the way. The fear we consume and the need to teach it, only takes us further away from our divinity. And darlin, we are divine. I know right now, it feels as though we have forgotten that. But we couldn’t shake our divinity if we tried. There is no “so called” sin that is too great, to separate you from God. Does the word God freak you out? Surely love, can bring you back to balance. And love in it’s purest form, can never keep a record of wrong doings.

Let your faith be a blend of all your experiences. From your darkest night, to the day in which you most felt alive. Because both served a purpose in your process. What gave them meaning, was how you responded to them. I have met addicts, who have had greater clarity than an “educated man.” The homeless, who had a greater sense of charity, than the so called “people of faith.” It boils down to this. Love is who we are. Not what we have, nor what we believe.

I tend to gravitate to the eccentric. While I am equally at home at a black tie event, I feel more alive with the grass under my feet and the wind in my hair. For I am not a witch. I just do witchy things.


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Vance Larson


I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years who has spent the last decade working as both a Life…

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