Winter Solstice Astrological Forecast For All Signs…

Winter Solstice Astrological Forecast For All Signs

“Maybe we don’t have the entire picture, but when we are fearless, we don’t need it” -@ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

This season:

  • December 21 Winter Solstice
  • December 21 Sun enters Capricorn
  • December 24 Saturn square Uranus
  • December 28 Jupiter enters Pisces
  • December 29 Capricorn Stellium
  • January 2 Mercury enters Aquarius
  • January 2 New Moon in Capricorn
  • January 4 Mercury retrograde in Aquarius
  • January 16 Sun combusts Pluto
  • January 17 Full Moon in Cancer
  • January 18 Uranus Direct
  • January 18 North Node moves into Taurus

⁂ The cosmic signature of the season is unexpected strength through sensitivity.

⁂ The hack of the season is controlling your world by caring about it.

⁂ The challenge this season is thinking the world is built to wait on you.

Capricorn Season isn’t easy, but its rewards are huge. Like Christmas wishes granted, and then some. You can read more about Capricorn Season in the book Zodiac Hacks: Constellations for in-depth information on how to hack Capricorn season, Capricorn people, and how to reach your goals during the season.

Let’s look at the transits for Capricorn 2021, which, as always, will take us into New Year.

There is no coincidence that The Matrix Resurrections will premiere during Capricorn on 12/22/2021. Capricorn is a sign of illusion and controls only the minds which are plugged into the material world. Capricorn’s need control. Without it, they will aim for it. That’s what The Matrix is all about: how we are controlled and how we are sedated with software and hardware to make us easier to control. The need to control others is always about something else. It’s not about straightforward control. It’s a means to an end. In The Matrix, humans are controlled by machines in order to extract energy. Machines need energy to turn on and want the control to do it without a human. The premiere of the movie fits perfectly within Capricorn themes that we are all facing as a collective now.

We are in a state of transition, and there is no secret about it anymore. We all see it and accept that life has changed and will never be the same. It’s a battle for control on all sides.

We are called to figure out where we belong and where our true spiritual beliefs take us. In other words, our spiritual practice up until March 2020 prepared us for the rude awakening of a reality nobody hoped for. But as Capricorn says: it’s about where we are and what we need to work with. The way through this year’s Capricorn is by accessing the opposite energy, found within Cancer. At the beginning of the season, the moon is found in a critical degree of Cancer. The moon rules over Cancer and when found in these critical degrees in the zodiac, it’s offering a strong wave of energy for (or against) the congregation of planets in Capricorn.

This is a wave of Cancerian energy, reloaded from the past, specifically July 17-22, 2021, that is reminding us of the wisdom we have attained by healing jealousy. In reloading this wisdom, we activate the positive aspects of the Capricorn: humor, determination, honesty, and superior psychic abilities.

“Capricorn season has us all working harder than usual. People may feel a bit heavier than usual, which can trigger entitlement patterns. It’s a strong season to manifest as long as you’re not manipulating others. ” Excerpt From, Zodiac Hacks, Arik Xander,, This material may be protected by copyright. As we appreciate the gifts we activated by healing jealousy over the summer, we resolve the energy of lack that plagues Capricorn. This allows us to become aware of our current problems which need our priority, and then rise up to the level where the solution is.

Another opportunity we have is the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year. Winter, ruled by the earth element, is also the darkest time of year. That’s a lot of darkness. During this time, energy and resources that have been preserved will be utilized during winter. Actually, winter is a good time to lose weight because the body is naturally inclined to employ what it has saved for later. As we go within and stay indoors, we can download creative energy and upload light into the shadow side of our mind to find new treasures. The shadow isn’t something that we should be afraid of, but sadly, most of us are.

When we are afraid of our shadow, it takes over and hacks us. We end up acting out the shadow without even knowing it. We betray ourselves and others and commit acts of treason against our essential self. This is where fear and jealousy take us. But when we consciously go through the dark (k)night of the soul, we successfully proceed through the natural cycle of growth.

All of winter is made up of three astrological seasons: Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each constellation has its deficiencies. Capricorn is deprived of control and wants to make money. That’s why Christmas and the fiscal new year fall within the season. Capricorn gives us the fear that we will end up homeless on the street, so it forces us to control everything to prevent such a horrible outcome. Capricorn is also obsessed with knowing the regulations and rules in order to feel secure in the material world. Aquarius needs connection, data, and networks, as well as the bigger picture. In the final month, Pisces needs love, compassion, forgiveness, and information.

Capricorn has a sense that the matrix (the material world) is insufficient, but at the same time, entirely depends on what it displays. Never relying on merit or good luck, Capricorn will work hard, sometimes too hard, to “earn” what it “deserves”. This year, we are asked to tap into more of the substance within the material – namely, the spiritual.

This will help the Capricorn within us to do what’s honest and right in order to put things into the place that they are supposed to be. So it’s only once Capricorn allows the spirit to rule matter that it can truly control the material. Being that it’s the earth sign of the earth season, our challenge this year is to bring shortage into surplus by means of overcoming jealousy and greed. It’s time to let go in order to move on. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, will square off with Uranus on Christmas Eve. We need to get over the fear of the changes and the unfamiliar, untried, and experimental aspects of the world we are living in. Many times we reject things because they are new, thinking that we can avoid change. But we can’t. We can all only get to the future together.

The New Year begins with Jupiter in zero degrees Pisces. We will swim the depths of spirituality with the largest life raft ever created. Get ready for the metaverse, actually The Matrix, to render into a reality near you. The Sun will combust Pluto this month so watch out for false confessions: we’ve heard it all before (think The Shania Twain Story from I Heart Huckabees).

The Capricorn stellium on December 29, 2021, will give us another chance to bite the snake that bit us as a collective. It was the Capricorn congregation that released the new world we are living in today and another Capricorn stellium is highlighting our fears and delusions. As you go throughout the season, remember that what you’re feeling isn’t you, it’s the dark and heavy energy of Capricorn Season. There is an overwhelming sense of lack and fear of loss swirling around. If we do not connect with our spiritual nature, we will fall into the trick of false hope or desolation.

In the areas we have manipulated ourselves to get what we want, we are receiving a notice from the Universe that the joy ride will soon come to an end. This could produce anxiety, fear, and the desire for control. All of this is being confronted now. The challenge is that when we are drowning in fear, and doing things out of fear, the ego is in control. In other words, when the ego is in control, when we are in fear, there is no room for spiritual actions.

We cannot be in fear and in wisdom simultaneously. If we are listening and believing in people who are in fear, we are following the blind. Light and darkness cannot exist together because even the tiniest flame will illuminate the dark space and the same is true for fear and wisdom. Maybe we don’t have the entire picture, but when we are fearless, we don’t need it. Unlike the ego who needs all the information, data, and knowledge, it can never substitute the fearless energy of wisdom.

From that place of fearless wisdom, we can create our reality where otherwise we are caught in know-it-all webs of fear-filling URLs, stats, and articles locking us in a prison. There is no doubt that Capricorn can make life difficult, but we all have Capricorn somewhere in our chart and it’s a necessary step in the circle of life. We are asked to lighten up and bring light to the areas where we suffer.

We will see what we are lacking but in order to fulfill it with light. The New Moon on January 2 will give us the ability to bring light into the New Year. On the same day, Mercury will move into Aquarius, opening our minds to new ways of doing this. On January 16, the Sun will combust the planet, Pluto. This is a powerful day for atonement because we will all be shown our judgments. So take those judgments into the process of atonement to dissolve them and release the enslaved energy keeping you from upgrading. Be kind to others and allow yourself the power of true and total transformation into a higher version of yourself.

The next day, January 17, will host the Full Moon of Healing! This is the time of year when we can eliminate all obstacles standing in the way of healing. We will address the past actions that have blocked future progress, and remove them. In doing so, we will invite healing into our bodies and realities. Stay tuned for the Full Moon Workshop. Then, on January 18th, within the Full Moon window, Uranus will go direct giving us a strong push forward, and the North Node will shift into Taurus. This nodal shift is extremely important and life-changing for all of us. The nodes change signs about every 18 months. You can learn all about the nodes in Zodiac Hackers Online >>

When the Nodes shift into the Taurus/Scorpio axis, the entire collective will be challenged with intense fate. New systems will be implemented under this cycle and we will get a new meaning of life as we know it. This will not be an easy time as we are confronted with self-destructive tendencies. As a collective, we want to push and build forward, but we are being hit with unexpected situations. We need to remain flexible and not give up, no matter what. We also need to get over any self-destructive tendencies. Stay tuned for more on this 18-month transit.

Capricorn is the sign of light and yet it falls within the darkest day and time of the year. This is to remind us that the greatest light comes from the greatest dark, but if we are in denial about the dark we won’t see the light.

Be cautious of the pessimistic attitudes now and don’t be afraid of what you lack.


Let’s have look at how Capricorn Season 2021 will influence each sign:

Aries: You’re holding onto something you should be letting go of. This is a very inventive and intuitive time for you, but you need to stay focused on what you truly want. Everything else is a burden. Stay focused on your goal and know that new energy is always manifesting for you. This is a time for you to learn about endurance. Stop being a firework and learn how to be a roaring fire. You have the strength and you have the vision, now it’s time to walk across the hot coals to your goals and not get burned.

Taurus: The matrix will not save you. You need to open up to a higher power in order to bring life into your material world. It will make you so happy. Meditate and let go of old things. If you can’t, the universe will knock on your door saying, “out with the old, in with the new”. On 1.18 the North Node is entering your sign (learn about the nodes here) activating a lot of collective fate that isn’t easy to process. On the same day, Uranus will go direct pushing you in the right direction. Stay strong Taurus, everyone will be looking to you for guidance.

Gemini: A big weight is lifted off your shoulders on 1.18 as the nodes shift out of your sign. This is a time for health and completion. Possibly travel. You need peace now to hear yourself. It’s a good time to take some time for your health too. Your efforts are now seeing the light. But, t season you need to look at what you’re trying to get away with. What fears and keeping you from generosity and honesty now? You can overcome your fears by asking questions and making the most of the answers. Your open heart will also help you overcome any fears that may come up during Capricorn Season.

Cancer: You have the solution for all this heavy AF Capricorn energy. Motivate everyone to tap into the spiritual side through care, nurturing, and love. Family ties are strong and there will be many happy changes happening in your subconscious. Positivity begins to settle in now. It’s a good time to socialize with friends and family to share your happiness. There is a lot of love to be had and shared and you are in an environment where you can attain greater fulfillment. You may even receive many gifts or honors now. You must relax and enjoy the people around you and fall in love with your life.

Leo: You have protection and celebration this season. Winter asks you to make a happy home and to complete your work. Things you have been working on will reach their fullest expression now. It’s a good time to sit around and draw down the protective energy. Be creative and artistic in order to refine your communication. There could be some delay or degradation of your creative abilities if you’re not using them. But don’t worry it can only be good if you find love and stay in it.

Virgo: You like to use this Capricorn energy to work hard and manifest money. You need to be patient through the ups and downs that come with the season. It’s time to grow and work hard at a slow and steady pace. Your success is dependent on your merit and fate so work on your self values now. Be practical about your ambition and see the situation as it really is, not what it could be. It’s good to envision, but you need to first see clearly. You have the vision for value now and you want actual results which you will get. There are many opportunities popping up for you now. Don’t get frustrated over the money, it’s healing now.

Libra: This is a time for you to really open up to new things. Blockages are dissolving so that the flow of life can move through you. You are being tested now. This is a time for rebirth and responsibility. Please control your thoughts through meditation and all your tools. It’s important that you get objective about yourself, otherwise, you could get insecure. The best advice is: don’t be your worst enemy because it’s a waste of energy. Train your thoughts to be supportive.

Scorpio: The south node is entering your sign on 1.18 and it’s going to be rough. All sorts of things are coming up to help you grow. Fate is being reevaluated now and it could bring up some new opportunities. Your past efforts now manifest as wealth and it’s a good time to spend with friends and family. If you’re not content, then you need to set new priorities and find new spiritual goals. You may become aware of what you’ve been missing all these years and maybe you’ll even find it. Reach out.

Sagittarius: You have a lot of energy this season. You’ll need it too. This is a time which you should keep faith in yourself. You have the chance to use your energies to help others with their problems. You don’t need to be superman, but you can help others who are asking. Be compassionate with others as you stand up for yourself. Take care of your family and listen to them without saying anything (sometimes). You will have all the energy you need to pull through. Your eyes will open to see yourself in a new rainbow light of love and happiness so that you can see your path clearly. You just have to walk it. Have fun.

Capricorn: You’re working off entitlement. It’s your birthday month Capricorn! Happy Birthday! Be sure to give thanks to your parents! You will want to book a birthday reading to see what’s coming up in the year ahead! Now is the time to focus on your development and integrating into society as your new self. Be grateful for your rebirth and don’t take it for granted. You will feel the power of the stellium on 12/29 so focus your energy on gratitude and wealth will flow in. Be careful of stupid mistakes on 1/16. Just go slow and be smart.

Aquarius: Rest now. Suspend your thoughts and meditate throughout the month. You will get a boost of mental activity on 1.2 to help you in your pursuits. Think about how you can help others by giving them peace of mind. Take a break from anxiety now. It’s a good time for vacation or a holiday. Use your discrimination and don’t waste your ideas on those who are unfocused.

Pisces: It’s winter and you’re in your element – sort of – you’re overwhelmed with all the options you have. Castles are in the sky and you have no idea what to choose. This is a time for you to transform and choose anew. On 12/28 Jupiter will enter your sign which is very good for luck. You have an abundance of things, but you need to take inventory and make a choice. Pay attention to your dreams and cultivate the willpower to make the best selection.

For self-care

Waiting too long to deal with your stress or fears? Not a good idea, especially in times of pandemic. The energy is heavy outside and it’s your responsibility to take care of your health and wellness. It will increase immunity on physical and spiritual levels. During these uncertain times, your mental health is more important than ever, and waiting to get healing until the pandemic is over is likely to make things worse in the long run.

Using the technology of Astrolochi, I can help you! I offer spiritual, mental, and emotional telewellness, remote healings, and video readings.


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