Wine Yoga: A New Trend…

Wine Yoga: A New Trend


What’s better than combining some wine for a healthy routine? Nothing. Here comes the latest health trend – Wine Yoga. Whether it is some wine for the yoga lovers or some health routine for the wine lovers, it’s a thumbs up either way.

Now, let’s go into some details about how your health routine can incorporate a bit of a blissful bar too.

Breathing Comes First

The foremost rule of Wine Yoga is that deep breathing and asanas come prior to the wine. When health and lifestyle are a major part of everyone’s life, why not mix them together? It works out better than anyone can think. While keeping your body in shape by burning some calories, the intake of wine won’t seem like a threat post the session. The more concentration and effort you put into the first part of the session (yoga), the better you’re going to enjoy sipping the wine too.

The Wine Yoga class usually lasts for about 1 hour. The best part is that the intensity of the yoga class varies upon the featured wine of the day. If it’s going for a lighter wine for the day, then a laid back yoga class is what you should look forward to. Whereas if it’s going to be a darker wine, an intense and rigorous yoga class is on the cards for the day.

This lifestyle experience doesn’t let you compromise on your health or your lifestyle and keeps both balanced. Find new ways to indulge in everything you love, as life is not worth when compromises happen every day!

Be happy and live healthily!


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