Will She Ever Come Back? Will I Ever See Him Again?…

Will She Ever Come Back? Will I Ever See Him Again?

Have you ever had a special moment? You know, the kind of magical moment that you couldn’t reproduce even if you tried? I believe it’s at those very moments our true self comes out. Uninhibited. No pretense. Just raw, pure, us.

If you’ve ever felt yourself flow in your authentic self, it’s indescribable. The energy, the love, the genuineness, the authenticity that pours through you; you just don’t want it to ever stop. But then the moment passes and you begin to wonder. “Will she ever come back?” “Will I ever see him again?

Frantically you try conjuring up in your mind a picture, an image, a scenario of anything close to what just happened to try and convince yourself you have what it takes to reproduce the you that just showed up.

It can be scary experiencing our genuine authentic self pass through us, because as soon as that “magic” moment is over, we revert back into our “earthly” self. Our egoic, self-absorbed, pretentious, version starts to panic. “Will she ever come back?” “Will I ever see him again?” And the truth is, NO they won’t. She will never come back again. You will never see him again … at least not through “that version” of you that is.

You see…

You don’t have anything to do with you.

Did you hear me? You have nothing to do with you! You are your truest best self all on your own. When that “best version of yourself” shows up, you have NOTHING to do with it! You didn’t conjure up, rehearse, practice, research, pitch, or make YOU appear. The moment in front of you simply unfolded and “you” showed up in all your glory.

Pay close attention to what brings your best out.

The moment you felt your truest self shine through was activated by something in that moment in front of you. Someone needed you. Something made a demand on your greatness. And your gift involuntarily (key word) flew into action. Do you know why? Because at that very moment you were serving a cause higher than yourself.

Your authentic, genuine, best self shows up when you least likely expect it.

Authenticity never goes on sale. Genuineness never needs to be coerced. Your authentic, genuine, best self shows up when you least likely expect it. Because if you are consciously connected, if you are expecting her to show up, you’re trying within your own ability to make her appear. And have you ever noticed, she never appears when you try and force her to the front? He never seems to show up when you think you need him most?

Will she ever come back? Will I ever see him again?

You will! But you need to trust that when you need her most, she’ll be there. You need to trust that when he needs to come to the forefront to save the day, he’ll be there. Sure keep educating yourself. Absolutely keep preparing for those opportunities. But when you’ve done all to stand, stand therefore and trust your own creative brilliance.

You got this because you ARE this.

You don’t force a flower to bloom. You allow it to do what it was created to do. And you don’t force your best self to come to the surface. You just allow yourself to be who she/he was originally created to be.

Will she ever come back? Will you ever see him again? You will. You got this because you are this!


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