Why Your Own Healing Is Critical To Experiencing Love…

Why Your Own Healing Is Critical To Experiencing Love

When you have a belief that is rooted in “I’m not good enough” or “I’m unworthy,” then that very idea is not only internalized but projected outward.

You hide so much from yourself and others that you cannot allow anyone to see you deeply, because you think your essence is lacking in that which makes you acceptable or worthy – and in many cases you can become completely disconnected from it.

What most people consider to be love is actually control, attachment, and fear. When people get into relationships, in the beginning the focus is on being accepted by the other.

This is when a lot of things get hidden, pretty much anything that you believe may get you rejected.

As the relationship goes on some of that guard comes down and then it switches from wanting to gain approval to deciding whether to give it, but only if certain requirements are met. Both parties seek to have the other meet their needs, fulfill their desires, and validate their very existence.

Of course because you have two people that both feel lacking and trying to “get” from the other, this is where the disappointments and arguments set in.

When you are aware that you are complete, then you are able to love fully, to witness and to be witnessed.

Waking up begins with a willingness. You can’t possibly see all the steps, however, you can begin by recognizing that focusing on yourself for the purposes of your own healing will bring you the full experience of real love and intimacy.

Love, freedom, and expression are some of the most delicious things in life. Life is not meant to be a struggle. Life is not meant to be hard.

Life only feels hard to live when you’re pushing against your own nature. Love is also not a struggle. Love is not about control or obedience. Love is not about being who someone wants you to be, or giving your power away to another person. Love liberates. Liberation feels like a deep breath.

At first it feels like a deep sigh of relief, followed by an expansion that feels like an explosion of joy. There’s a deep undercurrent of peace that accompanies you through all of life’s experiences and cycles of nature, cycles birth and death, and cycles of energy.

That peace is the grand space holder that allows you to be at your highest high and your lowest low with no resistance of any kind. Life is meant to be lived in love.

That’s who you are.

You are pure love.


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