Why We Truly Seek A Coach…

Why We Truly Seek A Coach

I spoke with a real estate agent recently… She reached out to me because she had been looking for a coach and after talking to several different productivity coaches, she couldn’t find the right fit. Yet, immediately after seeing my website, she was so adamant that I was her perfect solution she actually sent me an email with a subject heading “you may be my savior!”. She had never spoken to me and yet she was convinced, I was the exact person to help her.

I don’t say that to boast or to sell anything but to point out exactly what’s going on when someone is looking for a coach and what makes them light up and think they’ve found the one.

When someone seeks a coach, there is a feeling of overwhelm in all parts of their life caused by tension and stress, disorganization and poor time management, and an internal feeling of negativity and self-doubt. There is typically some negative self-talk going on, an assumption of failure, and sometimes even some guilt from thinking they are a bad parent or spouse. Success doesn’t feel possible so any attempt at moving in that direction is immediately shut down and discarded along with more guilt for doing so.

This is when the search for a coach happens because they think the coach is going to make this all better. More on this in a moment…

I spoke with another person recently, not an agent, who had just shifted into building a new business. He knows the things he needs to do to get himself out there but the thought of doing those things made him freeze up to the point where he likely would struggle in doing them at all and when actually doing them, probably wouldn’t be successful. Why?

What is the magic pill?

What is the thing we need to force us to miraculously do all those things we know we need to do to be successful and do them so well that success is a virtual guarantee?

It’s confidence.

Sheer confidence and determination to succeed is what is required.

We all have those days where we feel like shrugging off our responsibilities and just relaxing. That’s nothing to feel guilty about and in fact is something you should indulge in… on occasion.

When you are determined to succeed and confident in your ability to do so, it’s much easier to find the balance you need because you can set goals for yourself, you can create a plan to achieve them in a specific amount of time, you can organize yourself and stick to it, and plan out your time accordingly.

You are NOT helpless and you ARE capable.

The reason you really want a coach is to help you BELIEVE you can do it and to give you the tools to get past all the internal negativity that’s blocking you and build up your energy levels to consistently increase that positive momentum.

It’s possible to do on your own if you are determined. I’m living proof of that! I’ve been studying all of those things for 25 years. I was able to turn myself around from that exact place of general anxiety/panic attacks, social anxiety, hypochondria, terrible time management, complete disorganization, compulsive spending, low energy exacerbated by depression, and more…

I fixed it ALL in me because I focused, I studied, and I made it happen. I became super productive, high-energy, emotionally balanced, and all of my anxiety and depression disappeared.

What I’ve done for me, I’ve done for others but truly… if you are determined, you can achieve the confidence and learn the tools you need to get there. You may not want to take years to do it though… Which is where the coach comes in. But when you decide to look for a coach, make sure you know what it is you truly need and the value you’re getting from that level of transformation, because otherwise, you may end up spending money on something that doesn’t offer you anything but the same nagging voice already inside of you…


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