Why We Need Visionaries Like Stan Lee…

Why We Need Visionaries Like Stan Lee

I have to say I am deeply touched by the passing of Stan Lee… I always looked forward to seeing his cameo parts in all his great movies.

Here are a Few Reason Why We Need More People Like Stan Lee

1 – Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there is a spiritual quality in all the Stan Lee movies… always the good guys win. Eventually, not always right away, but eventually. And his movies most of the time ended on an upbeat thought… that allowed us to ponder our existence.

2 – Stan Lee was also a man who could have been a musician but he was not good at music at all. So he gave it up and started writing and he loved writing and it poured out of him like water. He couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to get started writing a new and exciting possible movie or series. This is one thing that he also talked about… DO WHAT YOU LOVE… the rest will follow.

3 – Stan Lee also believed that too many people just work for money… and that has brought us to where we are today… with what we have going on in the world. Either way, it will be difficult to make a living being a writer or being a worker in an office or anything else. But if a person works from their heart eventually there will be those who will notice and they will follow. This has happened down through the centuries for millions of people but they have to persevere even in the face of great challenges.

4 – Personally, I can’t think of a better way to help people than to give them entertainment that uplifts them and makes them see that we can and will overcome all thing. And that is exactly what Stan Lee believed with all his heart… you could see it in all his movies.

5 – People like Stan Lee give us a glimpse into the future and allow us to see how we can make life better for everyone. As long as we don’t lose our humanity and keep love in our heart. He believed in humanity with all his heart and knew deep down inside that we will overcome one way or another.

6 – Stan Lee always had love take part in all his movies. Just about every single one of his movies had some sort of romantic connection and thus he believed that love would save the world.

7 – And most of all, Stan had a positive frame of mind about life. He thought that doing right was the most important thing. Even if the hero had to give up everything in order to make things right. This is for sure… a spiritual way of being… to sacrifice the greatest sacrifice of all… in order to save everyone else. This is not something we see very often anymore. And I and honored to have connected to Stan Lee through his movies which portrayed this all the time.

I write this with tears in my eyes because I know for sure that Stan Lee did make a difference in the lives of millions of people.

We need more visionaries like Stan Lee

We Will Miss You Stan… We Love You!


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