Why We Don’t Engage Our Divinity – And Other Ways We Don’t Harness Our Greatness…

Why We Don’t Engage Our Divinity – And Other Ways We Don’t Harness Our Greatness

Humans are funny creators. I mean that not as funny like cats on robotic vacuums, but we are funny. We spend most of our lives trying to master what would come easily to us if we just relaxed into it.

Many of us spend our lives pursuing the meaning of life and our purpose. To the Universe, we must look like a dog chasing its tail. What we seek is already within. We know this, so why don’t we engage our Divinity and naturally harness our greatness?

The both simple and yet deeply complex answer is that we get caught up in the living of life and aren’t focusing on the greatness of it all. We get lost in the washing of dishes, paying the bills and reality TV.

When we engage our Divinity, it allows us to notice that there is goodness in all of it. That everyday living isn’t ordinary . . . it is truly magical.

How do you begin to become an activist of consciousness for yourself?

Begin with choosing to be present – We keep hearing the wise advice to live in the present because our silly human brains are just not getting this core principle of Greatness and Divinity. I think Ernest Holmes said it the best, “Today, we are setting in motion the power of tomorrow.” I also think of not living in the now as having a conversation with someone where you spend all your time in it waiting to talk. If you have ever been in a conversation with someone who isn’t engaged in listening, but is only waiting for you to be quiet so they can talk, it isn’t very fulfilling or engaging.

Accept the good in every situation – The Divine does not declare that “this” flower is good while the fly is bad. It’s our humanness which loves to judge and organize our circumstances so we will feel safe. When you accept the good in everything, you can fully access your own greatness. When you look at the world from the eyes of greatness, it will respond in kind. How often have you heard that your experience is an illusion? Yes and no. It is only an illusion if you believe that you are not enough – that’s the illusion. When you begin to perceive your world as the manifestation of the Divine, you begin to see your own greatness in everything.

Check your ego at the door of creation – I have heard individuals on the spiritual path bash ego. However, without the action part of ego to move us, we would all be on our couches thinking deep spiritual thoughts and not taking any steps forward. On the other hand, there is no ego involved when we choose to experience our Divine greatness. When we feel the need to be great and Divine in order to fill an emptiness inside us, well, that’s when ego is having its way with you. The unsustainable part of ego tells you that you need “this” (whatever that might be) to feel good, whole, complete, loved, supported, alive, Divine, great, etc.

I have been witness to many spiritual people not accepting their own Divinity and greatness because they believe that in doing so they will be ego driven.

The last time that you connected to your Divinity was the Truth of you worried about being too big, too powerful or too amazing? When we accept our Divinity and greatness, we know that by living in that consciousness we create the platform for peace, love, prosperity and grace.


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