Why? Why This Injustice?…

Why? Why This Injustice?

“A cloudburst caused devastating floods and landslides in Kedarnath, India. Thousands of pilgrims are lost and presumed dead; and many many more, including women and children, are trapped for 5 days now, without any kind of food or shelter, in the valleys leading to the holy pilgrimage sites.” Reading this news, a question arises in people’s mind, “Why did God take away the lives of those who were coming to worship him with such devotion? Why this gross injustice?”

Also, in our daily life, we come across various such situations and stories of our own and of others, where our common reaction is, “Why such injustice to the poor young lady? What wrong has she done?”, “Why do good people have to suffer injustice, always?”, “Why is it always me that has to suffer?”

When a cyclone hits some city, it blows off a few people’s homes completely, whereas others are seated in their home peacefully. People who are on vacation suddenly find themselves in the middle of an earthquake, whereas a few people, who were staying there for years, migrate right before disaster strikes. At the airport, we find some sitting tensed having missed their flight, while others, not supposed to fly, are dancing in delight, for they have managed the impossible and have boarded the flight,… but alas! The plane crashes on take-off and kills all.

So who is playing all this mischief? What is the secret behind this partiality to a selected few; and why is injustice done to the innocent and true? Who is this, getting amused on disturbing everyone’s peace; and what is making him decide where, when and how, who will be in grief?

The answer is: Each one in this world is experiencing the consequences of one’s own past deeds. Neither has God any role to play in all of this nor is there some entity orchestrating any of it. Everything in this world happens but naturally. In addition, what is the cause? Your own actions of the past!

Just like in a computer – Whatever you feed in, based on our input you receive the output. Similarly, nature unravels your weave in the manner in which you have woven it. If woven with bad intent, your weave unravels bad results, whereas when the weave has been woven with good intent, it unravels very good results. What you have sown, so do you reap. Now, can you call this injustice?

Therefore, justice and injustice are the effects of one’s own past actions, but people attempt to link their illusory idea of justice with it, and in doing so, end up in the legal courts and exhaust themselves to the core. Justice of the worldly belief and justice of nature are very, very different. In nature’s court, when an innocent person goes to jail it is justice because it is a consequence of some bad deeds they committed in the past life. No one can escape from this. When a murderer is found innocent and set free, it is the result of his own previous good deeds, and hence is justice too.

Whatever nature destroys or supports is precise and is always within the realm of justice. Nature catches only those who are guilty of such past deeds, and the rest are set free. All of those involved, no matter where they are, nature draws them here into the area of disaster at the right time. In addition, the amount of loss or pain that the victims have to undergo is determined in proportion to the intensity of each one’s intent behind doing the wrong deed. That is the reason why some folks lose everything; some lose only something, while the rest lose nothing. This is how events unfold and it all happens naturally on its own; there is no one who is doing it. Yet people tend to look for justice in them.

The law of nature is such that if you are pure, no one can harm you. As long as you do not create interference, nothing will interfere with you. The natural justice in this world is never disturbed. There is no one who has the power to do so.

Therefore, if you fall down, it is justice. If you fell because someone pushed you that too is justice. If someone insults you, that is justice. In addition, say your father is criticizing you for no reason that too is justice.

The law of nature is flawless; it makes sure that each and every good and bad intent within every individual is rewarded and punished, respectively and adequately, at the right time, in the right place and through the right medium. Not even for a split second has the nature become unjust, such precise is its’ justice!

Everything will be fine if you just keep applying the below at every step, on every occasion, in your life:

1. Do not demand an explanation as to why this happened to you. Nor ask, what did you do to deserve such bad treatment from someone.

2. Make all positive attempts in life, play your role to the fullest, as if you are in a play. But, if you do not succeed, have a firm conviction that ‘whatever happens is justice’. With such conviction, you will not get frustrated nor will you feel angry and antagonistic towards the other person.

3. ‘Injustice can never occur in nature.’ Once you understand this law of nature, your intellect will also dissolve. It is important you free yourself from the shackles of intellect, that makes you look for justice and brings you immense and unnecessary suffering. Fights, conflicts, and dissension in this world are all a result of people’s pursuit for justice. No person can do any harm to anyone. Nature is regulating this very, very precisely.

4. No one has the power to take away anything of yours. And if anything is taken away, it is because of your own previous wrongdoing. So, do not interfere in any situation, instead spontaneously accept whatever comes your way as the settlement of your past deeds. In addition, repent heartily for each of your past wrongdoing, with a firm resolve never ever to indulge in such act in future.

5. The world is beautiful and it is just. Man becomes perfect and absolute when he becomes one with justice, and he sees everything as just. Now that you know, you are suffering only and only because of your own previous bad deeds, try to simply observe whatever happens with perfect equanimity. Remember if you do not remain equanimous, you shall end up sowing new seeds. Therefore, there is only one way to deal with the situation, and that is through peace and equanimity.

If you abide by what Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, ‘whatever happens is justice’ and stay in that awareness, you will experience peace not matter what happens!


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