Why There Is Grief, When Everything Is Temporary?…

Why There Is Grief, When Everything Is Temporary?

Yes indeed! All that is born must one day perish. Yet grief, worry, illusion of mine and ours, and the daily day and night journey happen.

It Happens due to Ignorance

We are ignorant of who we really are. We are also ignorant of how this world functions. Therefore we have the illusion that, ‘I am John (please insert your name here), I am a collector (please insert your occupation here).’ And therefore we are filled with infinite doubts too, carried over from numerous lifetimes!

Now, By What Means do We Remove this Illusion?

If a Gnani Purush makes me know, ‘who am I’, then the illusion will go away. That is all!

One has not known one’s Self – that has given rise to all illusion.

In Every Living Entity, There Is Soul, Which Is Eternal

In our body, there resides Soul, which is a permanent element. And everything else, including the body, is temporary. The temporary and the permanent have both got integrated in our belief.

Gnani, the Enlightened One, separates the two, by placing a line of demarcation between them, “All this is temporary and you are real and permanent.” The reason why Gnani has to give us this Gnan (Self-Realization) is so that we come into our own nature. Thereafter, the Atma (the Self) will stay in the Atma, and the anatma (non-Self i.e. the body, name, ego, occupation, etc.) will remain in the anatma.

We had worries because we believed, ‘I am John and I am the one doing this.’

We believe, “I am John (please insert your name here).’

When really speaking, we are a Pure Soul. The nature of the Absolute Soul is infinite bliss! That is why Gnani separates the Soul, so that we can enter into our own natural bliss. Thereafter, we do not have any worries or anxiety.

We also believe, “I am the One doing this (please insert your occupation here).”

But is man capable of doing anything? Is he doing it or, ‘it just happens’? ‘It happens’ mean that we cannot do anything ourselves. When one tries to do it himself, the illusion arises. And since he becomes the doer, the worries occur.

We ourselves are a non-doer, but we have assumed the state of doer. And having assumed the state of the doer, we had to get in the state of the sufferer. That is why there is worry, anxiety and trouble, all day long. And even if someone insults us, we feel hurt.

What happens to the permanent when it separates from the temporary?

When Gnani, with his divine grace, puts in a line of demarcation between the permanent and the temporary, the awareness of the Self (the Eternal Soul) begins.

And as we sincerely begin to follow Gnani and his words, he helps enhance this awareness of ours, by constantly alerting us at every step that, “I am this (permanent Soul), I am not this (temporary).”

We then do not have these miseries of the worldly life any longer of, ‘this is what happened, that is what happened.’ Even when it is time to die, we are not afraid; even when our pocket is picked, we feel no grief; even if our spouse happens to swear at us, we feel no unhappiness whatsoever! It is because when the permanent separates from the temporary, they both remain in their own nature.

As long as there is illusion, we do not find freedom.

But if one finds the Living Gnani Purush, then the illusion will leave at once!!!


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