Why Self Care ‘Doing And Success Is ‘being’…

Why Self Care ‘Doing And Success Is ‘being’

After selecting “Like She Owns the Place” by Cara Lebeya as our monthly book club read, I read it in an entire weekend. Being fairly deep into my self development journey, a lot of what was written was not new to me but a great reminder of some key themes.

But I did have a huge takeaway in that Self Care is in the ‘doing’ and Success is in the ‘being’ yet as a society we have it the wrong way around!

Whereby success is about the ‘doing’, the having and the achieving and I see many in the personal development spaces still making that mistake. Always striving, pushing and trying to have bigger and better months with little idea why it’s important and what concerns me more is taking others on this never ending journey of always wanting more.

But true success is in the ‘being’–being present, being able to follow your joy and not striving to be in some imaginary place that doesn’t exist. The only moment is now – so take te time to live it as that’s true success.

Of course, if you’re worrying about money and unable to follow your joy then success is pretty hard to find. So plug the gap with those two things and you can find joy in the simplicity of everything. Success is simple, don’t over complicate it.

Self care on the other hand takes action and commitment. It was my first lesson as an entrepreneur and recovering workaholic lawyer. I had to replace self sacrifice with self care (first chapter of my ebook) and that took work–let me tell you. But still to this day, I schedule in my self care routines in my diary first and in blue which represents to me — the peace and calm I need to fully show up as my best self.

Yoga, running (yes I’ve added that in), meditation, spas and beach life all goes in my diary first–before working with clients and time with loved ones.

JOURNALING TOOL – ask yourself :

How am I ‘being’ successful?

How am I ‘doing’ self care?

What needs to change?


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