Why Me? “The Uncertainty Factor”…

Why Me? “The Uncertainty Factor”

The Uncertainty Factor

Everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff.

Many times, we will never know why things happen the way that they do.

However; for every door that closes, two more open up.

Change is always a good thing, even when it does not seem to make sense.

That is usually when the best “life changes” occur, when it seems totally wrong.

I call this the “uncertainty factor”.

This is when you are left with nothing; no place to go and not knowing what to do or what is going to happen next. 

This is the time to surrender to the Universe or God and just let go….

Because now, the Universe can put into your view what you actually need, not what you thought you needed.

To me the truth is that we’ve lost sight of what God, Spirit or Universal Energy really is.

So in this we find difficulty in relating our needs to the source.

Why am I even going here with all this?

What does this have to do with what you are going through right now?

Simply because, to accept the workings of the Universe and the energy that flows throughout it, we must first have a basis to work from. If we think that everything we do is a predetermined destiny or judged by a higher being that will punish us for doing or not doing such and such; we will be less apt to accept a concept that hasn’t been taught to us as a child.

Moreover, if we are to open our minds, hearts and souls to the infinite potential of possibilities, we cannot stymie ourselves on narrow-minded stuck-in-the-box thinking.

We have to park our brains at the door, so to speak, and experience everything that is with the innocence and newness of an infant. For an infant exists in the presence of the present moment only, with no concept of the past or future. They only know the here and now, because that is their reality.

An infant doesn’t have a past, or at least not enough of one to give it any thought, nor do they have the ability or even an inkling to think about the distant future.  Because time; past or future is only in the mind and is not reality.

Return to Innocence –

The ability and responsibility to make choices puts us in a disharmonious position compared to the rest of life on Earth; we don’t exist on “animal instincts”, although we could if we chose to. Emotions such as doubt, fear and ego plague humanity’s ability to live harmoniously with the rest of the universe.

When we are not sure of what we are doing or why, or have no idea what is going to happen next we are living in the “UNCERTAINTY FACTOR”. 

This is when the Universe can put us where we need to be and make things happen for us as they are supposed to. 

When we let go is when the Universe makes it so.

But the real secret to LETTING GO is not just surrendering to the powers that be,

it is you being WILLING to SURRENDER.

Merely having the intention or desire for change isn’t going to bring it about…

You have to be willing to release all focus on your outcome, and allow the Universe of endless possibilities and miracles to do its work!

You must let go and believe in this with a resolve too bold to doubt.


-Tony Damian

This post consists of excerpts from “Finding the Alchemist within – Turning yourself to Gold! – A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing”  by Tony Damian & Cathryn Barkulis-Smith

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