Why Is Moksha Siddh-Shila Called The Real Home Of Soul?…

Why Is Moksha Siddh-Shila Called The Real Home Of Soul?

Before we take up this question, here’s a little story…

Once upon a time, the circumstances shaped up in a manner that resulted in a Prince of a huge kingdom having to take his first breath in a dense jungle. He was alive but was all alone, surrounded by utter darkness.

As time passed by, he survived the challenges, the pain and the agony that he had been given to pass through at the hands of Nature and slowly he developed to a state whereby he entered the normal world and began to interact with other living beings.

Amidst a lot of miseries, he kept growing further and gradually developed into a matured human being. Not knowing his real identity though, depending on what people told him from time to time, he would believe that, “I am so and so, I have now become so and so, and so on….”

But one day, there arose a question in his mind, “really, who am I?”

Thereafter such circumstances came into being that he actually happened to meet the King, his father, in some gathering. The King through his supreme powers and abilities rightly recognized him and therefore made the young lad realize how he is not an orphan but is really the Prince of so and so kingdom.

The Prince immediately realized, “Oh! I am the son of a King” because this was a fact; He was indeed the son of a King. Since he had got lost, he didn’t know ‘who am I’ and hence had believed what people told him.

But now that he had known his real identity, the Prince returned to his kingdom, his real home, where he had never been before!

So this was the story of a unique journey of a Prince!

And Pujya Deepakbhai enlightens us to the fact that the journey of our Soul too happens on somewhat similar lines. It begins from a state where the Soul is surrounded by utter darkness (in Nigod), and over time it enters into the world and ascends on the path of evolution, finally making it to Siddh-Shila (moksha), which is rightly called the real home of Soul, although one has never been to Moksha before.

Pujya Deepakbhai explains:

There are 3 divisions in this world.

1. Liberated Souls. The liberated Souls have already reached the stage of ultimate salvation. And therefore, they are not going to come back in this world. They are free from all the worldly bondages now.

2. Worldly creatures. These are living beings who enter the world and evolve from one-sense to five-senses and then in human form. These beings are in bondage (of karma covering the Soul).

3. Living beings who have not entered into the worldly cycle, as yet – They are called Nigod. Before the living being enters into the worldly cycle, there is a stage wherein there is total covering on the Soul. In this stage, the Soul is not spoilt nor is it non-existent. The Soul exists, but it is totally covered (with dense layers of coverings of karma sitting over it); and therefore not a single ray of light of knowledge of Soul is able to come out. There are infinite Souls in this stage, lying dormant in utter darkness, as they are fully covered; and therefore not a single sense has been developed in these living beings, as yet.

When one Soul from this world attains liberation and reaches Siddh-Shila, one Soul from the Nigod comes into this world. Then when a bit of covering from over the Soul of the Nigod gets removed, wherefrom little light of Soul comes out; one sense is developed. With this, the particular living being begins his journey in this world, gradually develops from one-sensed to two-sensed, three-sensed, four sensed, five-sensed living being and then comes into human life-form where his mind, intellect, ego get developed.

Ultimately, when the Gnani Purush, with His infinite energies and spiritual powers, makes one realize his real Self (Self-Realization), the worldly development completes there; new karmas stop being charged and when discharge of all old karma too finishes, one attains liberation and goes straight to Siddh-Shila (moksh) which is located just above the crest of the Universe where all liberated souls reside! This indeed is the real home of the Soul, so what if we’ve never been there before; once we go there, we’ll reside there forever!


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