Why Is Life Boring?

Oh my! What a question I have been getting recently!

I have to say that I am shocked when people are telling me how bored they are in their life & I have to do a quick reminder that in my life I have been on a roller coaster for the last 8 years with a lot of twists and turns. However, I am beginning to see that my life is coming off the roller coaster and others are about to enter into theirs which will for sure make life less ‘boring.’

For many life has been a series of comfort zones. They wake-up, make coffee, read the paper, take a shower, get dressed, drive in traffic, work an 8 hour day, drive home in traffic, maybe go to the gym, fix dinner, stay wake for an hour or two watching Netflix and then crash out in bed only to start the same sequence of comfort zone all over again.

Honestly I am bored just typing the above paragraph; however that is how life is or has been for many of us until something else inserted itself into our world and shook things up to where all of a sudden life wasn’t boring anymore and forced us out of our comfort zones.

For me it took a divorce when I was 30 and then a near death experience several years later and boy did my life become anything but boring! As a matter of fact, I began LIVING.

I later realized it was the time in my life where I was ready and willing to undergo a deep rooted spiritual expansion of myself while my spiritual energy had zero problem accommodating its ascension.

Life is what we make it and if we make life all about structure and routine without any pizazz and adventure then we live a boring life even if it is extremely comfortable. However, did we come to this Earth plane to just be comfortable or did we come to explore, grow, expand, feel & get out of our own inner walls of hermithood even if we appear to seem social?

I never knew that when my life was so boring even though it was full of transition and drama it was transition and drama created from a life of uncertainty, insecurity, bad choices & escapism. When I moved my world into endless possibilities of forgiveness from the drama filled life I had created, then that is when I truly began to grow and fill my world with excitement that nourished my soul while healing my spirit at the same time.

While I was at the pinnacle of my boring life is when I met a psychic that turned it all around and got me on the path of forgiveness in order to heal a deep wound that stemmed from the maternal energy. That is when I realized & experienced what a Dark Night of the Soul was truly about. So much so, I journaled and published my Dark Night of the Soul journey.

Soul Freedom and Soul Freedom Companion

Shortly after I published my journal entries is when my entire energy system let go and shot me into a world of the unknown and yet somehow I knew exactly what world I was in & I wondered why it had taken me so long to get there.

I later realized it was simply because I had not been done with living the boring life I had created and thought was the only way until one day my soul lit itself on fire and then I truly stepped into the world of magic and excitement.

Are you currently undergoing a spiritual awakening? Is your world beginning to get moved upside down and yet there is a level of excitement and curiosity to the change? Are you tired of being bored and you are looking for more fire and passion in your life?

If you are, good! Follow what is showing up in your world while allowing your spirit to expand and lead you places you never even imagined possible!



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Shelby Carino is a recovering addict of failed relationships. Through a near death experience that spun her into her spiritual…

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