Why Is Celibacy Good For Both Our Mind And Spirituality?…

Why Is Celibacy Good For Both Our Mind And Spirituality?

Our body is connected to our mind and Soul. Therefore, a healthy body is indicative of the healthy state of our overall well being.

Now, we all know that by doing regular workouts, making conscious changes in our diet and improving our overall life-style, we can bring about good changes in health. But do you know that for this, Celibacy is the most wonderful thing to practice, because it is good not only for our body but also for our mind and spirituality.

Let’s see how:


According to the Indian Ayurvedic Science, the food that we eat is converted into various substances like blood and many essential nutrients needed to carry out essential functions; and the last extract of this food that we eat gets converted into semen. It is the essence of life!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains that as the semen is the overall extract of all the foods that we eat, it shouldn’t be wasted. He says the two most essential things that shouldn’t be wasted in this world are money and semen!

It is commonly experienced that after performing the sexual act, one feels drained out totally. It is because any kind of sexual act tends to exhaust the semen, and thereby harms our energies.

Whereas if someone practices pure celibacy even for a month, he encounters not only a jump in his physical energies, but also an increase in his ability to intensely focus on whatever he does and feels lighter from within. Moreover, a kind of calmness tends to set in, with lesser amount of frustrations or suffering encountered. This not only helps him remain physically fit but also nourishes his mind. Nothing in this world seems to mentally affect the one practicing pure celibacy. He is able to take rapid and meaningful decisions and that too with adequate confidence. Such are the effects of practicing celibacy on our body as well as our mind.


Pujya Deepakbhai Desai says that if one who has attained Self-Realization (through the Self-Realization ceremony) were to follow celibacy, it would help him immensely in rapidly cutting the internal bondages and progressing speedily on the path of liberation! A Self-Realized person, who is indulged in sexual practices, finds it difficult to exactly judge whether the happiness that he’s feeling is coming from the Self (the Pure Soul) or from sex.

Spirituality is when you gain happiness from within, without any dependency of any external stimuli. Celibacy speedily helps one to attain that happiness! Therefore, to experience the eternal happiness of the Self, celibacy is in its foundation!

When you practice celibacy, the semen tends to ascend upwards, both in the physical and the spiritual realm, giving rise to increased levels of physical and mental energies. And this is evident to people through the natural pleasing glow that one can see on that person’s face.

Thus, Celibacy is essentially the essence of spirituality that helps one mount the steps of salvation speedily, firmly and authoritatively. And it also helps one solve their worldly problems with greater ease!


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