Why Introducing Kids & Teens To Yoga Makes Perfect Sense?…

Why Introducing Kids & Teens To Yoga Makes Perfect Sense?

Popularity of yoga and meditation amongst adults is huge because practicing yoga regularly relieves stress and brings inner peace in addition to fitness benefits. However, adults are not the only ones that struggle with fitness and life balance. Life of kids and young teens has become increasingly complex in last 2 decades.

Findings from Stress in America state that unhealthy behaviors associated with stress begin manifesting early in life. So, shouldn’t we introduce our kids to yogic medicine at early age? Here are the reasons why schools and educational institutions are making yoga part of their weekly activities:

Yoga strengthens the immune system

Kids nowadays get sick easily because our immune system no longer has the advantage of healthy food and ample physical activity. The health of the immune system is determined at very young age and builds body’s resistance over the passage of time. Practicing yoga asanas like Uttanapadasana & Chakraasana at early age fasten the process and strengthen immune system.

Yoga boosts confidence & self-esteem

Yoga is known for boosting self-confidence and self-esteem by helping us connected with our inner self. Multiple studies reveal that the kids & teens who practice yoga at regular basis tend to have more confidence and higher self-esteem than the children who don’t. Self-confidence enables youngsters to overcome challenges in studies, social life, and future challenges. In short, yoga helps them become a mature soul.

Yoga controls teenage temper

Children tend to loose temper at the drop of a hat and it often lands parents in embarrassing situations. Regular practice of certain breathing techniques such as Savasana and Anulom Vilom could help children & teens handle short temper. The breathing techniques not only make children control their temper and bring mental peace but also prepare them to face their fears.

Yoga helps kids focus

In the world of social media and endless distractions, getting your work done with complete focus is nothing less than an accomplishment. Lack of concentration results in low productivity and is the prime cause for low-grades in schools and colleges. If teenagers practice yoga & breathing exercises like Nadi Shodhan, Bramari, and Bramha mudra regularly, achieving better focus and concentration is not that difficult.

Above are some of the reasons why you should introduce your kids to yoga and meditation so that they achieve everything they aspire for.

Final Words

Besides providing numerous health benefits and improving cognitive abilities, yoga is also fun to practice. Learning yoga is unlike any competitive sport and this makes young children more comfortable. At yoga classes, everyone is encouraged to learn at their own pace.

The bottom line is that every parent should encourage their kids to start practicing yoga at early age. Is your kid 8 or above? If yes, then, introducing them to the ancient art can be a great idea. And of course, you must understand yoga and have good yoga practice before teaching your kid in a secure environment.

Happy yoga!


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