Why Growing Your Own Authenticity Is key To Inclusion, Equity, Diversity And Belonging…

Why Growing Your Own Authenticity Is key To Inclusion, Equity, Diversity And Belonging

Besides institutional racism, implicit bias, programming, and conditioning, I want to share an additional reason that there is often this constant struggle in our societies around the globe with accepting people as equals.

I believe that it is best described as a lack of self-love. We simply cannot love another unconditionally without first unconditionally loving ourselves. Self-loathing, self-judging, and being attached to our past experiences is indeed a part of why some people find it a challenge to accept others as they are. One of the most powerful strategies I use with groups and individual clients is The 3 Key Principles of Authenticity. I also call it the Power of Authenticity. Simply broken down

LOVE – Compassion & Forgiveness, LEAD – Courage & Vulnerability, and PLAY – Curiosity & Creativity. With this focused practice, each individual becomes more authentic with themselves over their lifetime, and in turn, simply expands their energy in a proactive way, focusing on what’s possible and over time decreasing their reactive tendencies. Some of the additional byproducts of this practice are, joy, mental health, physical health, a greater sense of belonging, not feeling lonely, reduced fear and anxiety to name a few.

I believe that we all have the opportunity to endlessly grow our authenticity. Not in the pursuit of perfection but rather the pursuit of knowing our true selves better and simply belong as we are.


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LOVE-LEAD-PLAY is guided by the 3 key principles of AUTHENTICITY: LOVE > Compassion – Forgiveness LEAD > Courage – Vulnerability…

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