Why Frequent Beach Trips Are Good For Your Soul…

Why Frequent Beach Trips Are Good For Your Soul

For many of us, the picture of relaxation is a trip to the coast. That’s not random, either – studies show that people experience an improved mental state if they live near a body of water. But don’t worry – if you’re landlocked, you can still become a more mindful person. You just need to prioritize your vacation time a little more.

Take a look at the science behind this so that you can develop a more insightful existence.

Sounds and Smells Matter

In general, noises related to water calm us down. People everywhere fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean every night. There’s an acoustic difference between the sharp ring of an alarm clock and a soft breeze. Our brains interpret one as a threat and the other as a non-threat. So, when you hear a sudden scream, your body responds accordingly. This biological reaction dates back to the dawn of time.

The various smells of the beach make a difference in your health as well. When water collides with itself, negative ionization happens. In other words, charged molecules are created in the air. Some researches believe that this scientific occurrence positively impacts our wellbeing. It’s possible that the more time you spend in nature, the happier you’ll become.

Think about how you feel when you lie on the beach – it’s a tranquil experience, right? The noises and atmosphere have a part in that.

Colors Have a Psychological Impact

Did you know that colors can impact your mood? Shades of red can cause stress, while blues create a meditative state – which is how the term “blue mind” found its name. For this reason, that azure hue of the ocean has a profound influence. When we spend time in front of this color, we feel a sense of peace. For a moment, think about how a quiet moment at the beach looks.

There’s water, sand, and the occasional passerby. Unlike the bustle of the city, nature allows us to get rid of stressful thoughts. We can let go of negative emotions because there’s nothing to overwhelm us visually. As a whole, the sights, combined with sounds and smells, help to heal the soul.

A Placebo Effect Exists

To a certain extent, a placebo effect is at play here. For years, we’ve come to know the beach as the perfect relaxation destination. We can lounge by the water and forget about the realities of life. Books, movies and television shows portray the coast in a particular light. For many, it provides refuge, which is why people head to a body of water when they want to escape.

Essentially, when you head out on that beach trip, you expect to feel rejuvenated. This placebo effect makes a difference, especially when combined with the related scientific discoveries.

Head to the Water to Find Peace

We all relax in a variety of ways. But for those of us after a consistent mindful existence, frequent trips to the water may be a beneficial option. The smells, sounds, and sights calm us mentally and physically – and that placebo effect definitely doesn’t hurt.

The next time you want to relax your body and soul, plan a beach vacation. You can then harness the power of the ocean for your benefit.


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