Why Don’t People Of Our Generation Focus On Having Spiritual Knowledge?…

Why Don’t People Of Our Generation Focus On Having Spiritual Knowledge?

When there is too much of attraction towards material things, one cannot be spiritual – it is but natural.

Don’t think it has much to do with a particular generation as such; because in any generation, the percentage of people inclined towards spiritualism is always markedly far too low; the common mass is normally materialistic rather than being spiritualistic.

But do you know this is a part of evolution of spirituality?

Param Pujya DadaBhagwan, an enlightened being explains how a living being evolves from one-sense to five-sensed living being, and then comes into human form where his mind, ego, intellect, etc develop life after life.

In every stage of development, one is naturally attracted towards different material things one after another, and each of the five senses is constantly experiencing the material objects. One tries to find happiness in every object that he comes across in life; and after some time when he finds no more happiness in that object, he gets attracted towards another material object.

With experience, there automatically comes a point on his path of evolution, when wisdom dawns upon him that the sensual pleasure is not worth pursuing; because the happiness that it gives lasts for a very short time, but in the process of drawing that happiness he finds himself become weak-minded, dependant and miserable.

He therefore chooses to renounce sensorial pleasures and tries to derive pleasure on the path of renunciation now. He acquires the happiness that is void of the five senses, but this happiness is ego-inebriated! The great ego-pleasures springing within keep him intoxicated by the ego all day, which in turn brings its own pain and misery on the way.

This continues life after life until he arrives at a clear conclusion that there is no permanent happiness in any of the sense objects i.e. visible forms, sounds, odours, tastes and tactile objects, nor in acquiring material wealth, possessions, image and status. He experiences that all material things are temporary and so is the worldly happiness derived from them. Fame, money and possessions by their inherent nature are temporary and unfulfilling, but even renouncing them inflates one’s ego which leads to only grief and sorrow.

So, on the path of evolution where he has now arrived, he is in search of such happiness which is not followed by any misery; but he doesn’t find one such happiness in this world.

It is then that he meets Gnani, the Enlightened One, from whom he gets to learn that,

“Eternal happiness, bliss is within you. Your real Self is an abode of bliss and yet you are looking for happiness in temporary things. What is this search for worldly happiness like? Let me give you an analogy. A very tall man is sleeping on the terrace on a cold winters night and he has a tiny blanket. If he covers his feet, his head gets cold and if he covers his head, his feet get cold. He spends the entire night tossing and turning. That is what pursuit of worldly happiness is like.”

Generally, our feeling is that spirituality is all about renouncing the worldly happiness, isn’t it?

We have to abandon our family, leave all our worldly comforts and pleasures, sacrifice tasty food, do fasting, do hard penance and meditation in order to grow on the given spiritual path.

But what if you are not asked to renounce anything, and yet you can develop spiritually?

Akram Vignan, the stepless path to Self-Realization, makes this possible, whereby we can realize our real Self (Self-Realization) in just 2 hours. In Akram Vignan, we do not have to leave bad things nor adopt good things to make progress on this path. Gnani, the Enlightened One, directly graces us with the real knowledge of two fundamental things:

1. Who am I? and

2. Who is the Doer?

Whereby we renounce our ego and we attain Self-Realization – ‘I am a Pure Soul. I am not the doer. Things just happen naturally in this world through the operating laws of Nature, and my job is only to see and know all that happens without any attachment or abhorrence towards it.’

Once one gets this spiritual knowledge, it solves all their problems and one gets totally free from all worries, miseries and worldly unhappiness, because as long as we wrongly believe, ‘I am the doer’, when we do good things we bind good karmas and obtain worldly happiness; and when we do bad things we bind demerit karmas which bring us unhappiness.

By applying the right spiritual knowledge, we understand that we are not the doer of good things, nor are we a doer of bad things; and hence we do not charge any new karmas. We are neither a pursuer nor a renouncer anymore. And this gives us ultimate salvation!

However, one is unable to focus on having this spiritual knowledge until one, irrespective of the generation he belongs to, reaches a point on his path of evolution, where he seeks wisdom. It is only then that He becomes willing to and able to grasp the words of Enlightened One. And once he attains the grace of Gnani and realizes his real Self, which is the abode of permanent happiness, he then, with the guidance of Gnani, slowly and surely works out his path to ultimate salvation.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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