Why Doesn’t Money Come So Easily To Those Wo Set Out To Find It But Follows Those Who Hardly Pursue It?…

Why Doesn’t Money Come So Easily To Those Wo Set Out To Find It But Follows Those Who Hardly Pursue It?

Obstacles to money will remain as long as we harbour the desire to earn it.

When we become inattentive to money, it comes to us in abundance. There is nothing lacking in this world. In this world there is everything. Is there not a saying:

‘Sakal padartha hay jagmahi, bhaagyaheen nar pavat nahi’


‘In this world there is everything, He who has not the fortune will acquire it not’

Therefore whatever we imagine to have, we can have it; but only if we have not created obstacles against them. We generally spoil everything of our own. We ourselves create the obstacles which we have to then face. The other person is not responsible at all.

How can we rectify this? No matter how much suffering we may experience from some person or situation, we will not have a single negative thought about them – This is the solution for removing all obstacles. And if negativity arises, we shall whole-heartedly seek forgiveness from God. By doing so, everything starts becoming better for us and for the other person too.

Money is a by-product; it will money come to us without we thinking about it

Do we worry whether our arms or legs will remain functional?


Why not? Do we not need our limbs?

We do, but it is not something we have to think about. Similarly, there is no need to think about money. If our arm hurts, we have to go and get treatment for it, but we do not have to worry about it. Just as we are able to go to the bathroom without having to think about it, so will money come to us without we having to think about it.

The Nature of Money

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains, “A person once asked me about the nature of money. I told him that money is like sleep. Some people fall asleep the moment they lie down; some toss and turn the whole nightlong and still cannot fall asleep, while some need to take sleeping pills. So money is not under our authority. It is under the authority of some other power. Then why worry about it and run after it? Therefore, I tell you that money will not come to us if we go through extreme struggles to acquire it. It simply happens. We are merely an instrument, one of the many evidences when it comes to us.” All these billionaires do not become so because of their efforts, but actually it is because of their good karma of past. ‘I became a billionaire’ is the illusion. ‘It happened’ is the real knowledge.

Pure money accumulates naturally.

People in the world are struggling to accumulate money whereas the pure money comes in naturally. Even when one begs before the Lord that ‘I want spiritual wealth and not material wealth’, the money would still flow in their direction. That is the kind of merit karma which brings pure money. The effect of such merit karma is such that our actions and speech will be pleasant towards everyone around us, and our mind will always be at peace. It will never incite worries in us about how we will earn money. Yet, there will be enough money in the home. Desire for money only further delays the money coming to us.

Let money flow in naturally.

There is no denying that as long as there are monetary interactions, there is a need for it. But one cannot become preoccupied with it. One should rather become preoccupied with the Lord. If we only pursue money (Laxmi), then Narayan (God) will be enraged; wouldn’t he?! Do we not have temples of Laxmi-Narayan? Is Laxmiji an ordinary thing?

Therefore, thoughts of ‘ How can I accumulate a big bank balance?’ are a sin. We are so involved in making money in our business that we are not able to turn away from it and we are constantly preoccupied with it. And even then we are not satisfied. We feel we want to make one million and when we reach that goal, we want to make two, then we think we will stop at five. This doesn’t end.

When one devotes too much attention to money, following are the consequences:

• One becomes obsessed with money and hence becomes restless. Money roams and so does he. A greedy person is preoccupied with his greed from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed. The law of Nature is such that through this greed, one creates big obstacles for money.

• When wanting to acquire and enjoy more wealth, one does not care whether this money rightfully belongs to him or not. They are blinded by their greed. One who has excessive greed does not mind cheating others, making a profit by selling adulterated goods and enjoying adulterous relationships. But we hurt only our self if we bring money by dishonest means. When we die, that money will be left behind, and Nature will confiscate it.

Moreover, in our next life, we will have to suffer the inevitable consequences of our actions. Those who cheat and deceive others, covet other people’s wealth and are all doomed to take a birth in the animal kingdom. Their behaviour here naturally binds their birth there. Happiness does not lie in such practices. There’s no harm in earning money, but whatever karma we bind in the process, we should maintain extreme vigilance for that, and realize what kind of effect such karma will bring forth for me when they mature in next life.

• Running after money is the highest adverse internal meditation that hurts the person having it and also others around, because although a person has food and everything else in his home, he still has expectations of more wealth. When such a person runs after money, other people are deprived of their share of the wealth. We must not do anything that will create shortage for others. Or else we become liable for it as we break the proportion of the distribution of wealth in a way that causes shortage for others. If money comes to us naturally, without we running after it, then we are not liable. We may get five thousand or even fifty thousand rupees naturally, there’s no issue if we are not running after it.

• Trying to find money, we miss out on many other important things in life. We acquire wealth because of whatever good we did for others in our previous life, it is a by-production.

Real happiness is to be found when we make our spiritual path to be the main production.

Effort made on the path of liberation is considered the ‘main production’. We should acquire liberation from the ‘Gnani Purush’, after which the worldly ‘by-production’ will automatically come to us, free of cost. We have wasted so many lives for this ‘by-production’. Just once, if we go to Gnani and attain Self-Realization, our endless wanderings and misery come to an end.


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