Why Do We See More Cases Of Suicide From The Age 14 To 35?…

Why Do We See More Cases Of Suicide From The Age 14 To 35?

The reasons why we see a greater number of suicidal cases in the age group of 14 to 35 are:

• They have immense fear of what people will say or think about them.

• They feel very embarrassed about something that happened in past.

• They are not willing to face the future that they envisage.

• They cannot come to terms with their present situation in life.

• They have very easily lost confidence in themselves.

• They are scared that they may not be trusted for what they want to say.

• They choose to isolate themselves from others.

• They do not wish to ask for help.

• They think that there is no one who can help them.

• They find it simpler to give in, rather than to give it a fight.

• Parents or mentors miss out noticing the signs of suicidal tendencies developing in them.

• Parents or mentors ignore the signs, hoping the problem will go away by itself in some time.

• Parents or mentors do not seek professional help, thinking what people in society would say.

These are few of the principal contributing factors as to why there are greater numbers of cases of suicide in the age range of 14 to 35.

Now lets us look at the causes which initiate thoughts of suicide in the first place.

• Ill-treated from a very young age.

• Drug or alcohol intake – lack of control in consumption.

• History of trauma.

• Verbal, physical or mental abuse.

• Long-term unemployment.

• The negative influence of the company one keeps.

• Social isolation.

• Pressure to do well or succeed either from family or peers.

• Previous history of mental health problems within the family.

• Trying to cope with dynamic situations eg. transfer of parents, new school or a new job.

• Losing someone very close who you may have loved dearly, for instance a grandparent, a parent or someone.

• Societal pressure to conform to.

• Family issues – parents separating, relocation, exposed to environment where there is constant fighting or domestic violence, where the atmosphere at home is terrible.

If you are reading this, it could be that you know of someone who is suffering from suicidal tendencies, and maybe that someone is your loved one.

Please know that it is absolutely essential to reach out for help in such a situation. There are so many experts who can help us during this difficult period. So ask for support instead of keeping quiet in fear of what will people say. Take action, quickly. The longer we allow the problem to reside, it will not subside, but will only get worse with time. Help boost the confidence of your loved one and encourage him / her to fight their way out and come back in life. Human life is very precious indeed!

In this moment of darkness, he is the ray of light that can illuminate your life!!

For fast and sure support, reach out to Pujya Deepakbhai, the Spiritual Master!!! He can stop your loved one from taking the wrong step and can help him / her come out of their present distress.

Please do not delay. Just take the initial step of getting in touch with Pujya Deepak Bhai right away, and you will yourself feel the sense of peace. Lot of people have taken a U turn in their life and now they live a happy and blissful life.


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