Why Do We Need So Many Spiritual Paths?…

Why Do We Need So Many Spiritual Paths?

Layers of Spiritual Development

Spiritual development of every human being is at a different level. This results in different standards coming into being; and for each standard there is a God and its relevant scriptures. These standards are that of the worldly relative religions. And everyone finds an appropriate standard, depending upon his or her spiritual development. However for the real religion, religion of the Self (the Pure Soul), one will have to go ‘out of standard’. Only after having passed and accepting all the standards, does one become the supreme Self!

Jainism, Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Swaminarayans, Islam, Christianity are all relative religions; they are religions of ‘standards’. They are religions of different viewpoints. Whatever one sees according to his viewpoint, he accepts it as being correct and gets entrenched in it. But for Gnanis (Enlightened beings), there is no such thing as acceptance or non-acceptance in this world; they know everyone’s viewpoint and conduct themselves in a way that does not hurt anyone’s viewpoint.

All The Religions Come Together Where There’s Gnani

Gnani has clarification for people of all religions. Whoever comes to him, regardless of his or her religious belief, feels no alienation. One feels as if Gnani is talking about his very own religion. That is because Gnani is absolutely impartial. Here, there is a coming together of all religions. Therefore, one hundred thousand Gnanis will all have only one opinion (spiritual) and one agnani (who has no knowledge of the Self being the Soul) will have a hundred thousand opinions.

What Is Truth Must Be Accepted; No Matter It Comes From Which Home

Pujya Deepakbhai, an enlightened being explains that Lord Krishna’s philosophy is open and clear. It’s as simple as the equation of 1+1=2. He neither asks Arjun to chant his name, nor does he ask him to be devoted to him, nor does he tell him to renounce anything; he doesn’t make him do meditation, nor makes him a recluse, he does not make him leave his kingdom nor has he asked him to stop doing the war.

He just gives him the knowledge that, “You are not Arjun, but you are a Pure Soul.” He gives him the vision of “Aatmavat Sarve Bhuteshu.” After getting such vision, Arjun kills crores of people, yet no bad karma is bound. Inspite of having kingdom, queen, grandeur, karma is not bound and he goes to moksha. We have a very big and outstanding example of Lord Krishna!

Lord Krishna lived for 5000 years. Many Jain Tirthankaras also happened. Lord Ram existed 11000 years ago. So many events happened in his life too – Queen Sita, Ramayan happened; yet he went to moksha. This is the same knowledge (Brahma-Gnan) that he had got from Lord Vashishta Muni, “You are not husband of Sita, you are not the son of King Dashrath, you are not the King of Ayodhya; you yourself are Brahma (Soul), you only are Parabrahma (Absolute Soul).”

In our country, there are a lot of philosphies. In Jain dharma also, there is a story of King Janak Videhi. Videhi means even when staying amidst kingdom, queen, grandeur, he was free from body. Hence, Lord Krishna, Lord Mahavir, Lord Rama or Lord Shiva, whoever one worships as God and builds their temples, etc., what is important is their elemental knowledge. And this elemental knowledge is the same!

The Spiritual Science Is Based On Eternal Element

The knowledge of the eternal element is called spiritual science. Lord Krishna, Lord Mahavir, Lord Ram, they all reached to the stage of ultimate spiritual science. They are all spiritual scientists!!! These scientists have realized the eternal element, they have experienced the eternal element and they have given their disciples knowledge about eternal element.

Can One Attain Liberation If One Is Caught Up In Taking Sides?

No! Liberation and taking sides is a contradiction. By taking sides, one energizes the pillars of partiality and divisiveness. When one becomes partial, one moves farther away from the Lord. The real knowledge of the eternal element ‘Soul’ happens when there is no conflict of opinion with anyone in this entire world and when there is no partiality towards any being.

Gnanis are always impartial. The impartial Gnani unites everyone. The Supreme Lords are absolutely and perfectly impartial. They have oneness with everyone; even with the minutest living thing. To constantly remain as the Self, is charitra (atma charitra; the real conduct). This state of absolute purity is established when there is oneness with all. In this state, one sees the Self in all (atmavat sarva bhuteshu).

It Is the Divisive Intellect That Divides

The intellect shows us that there is difference between Lord Krishna, Lord Mahavir and Lord Rama. Divisiveness and segregation remains because of the vision that sees only the ‘packing’ (external appearance). Everyone appears different and separate in the light of intellect and that is the reason the worldly life continues to exist.

Really speaking, the ‘material’ within, i.e. the Soul within everyone is exactly the same. Lord Krishna says, “The ‘material’ that is within is precisely what I am; that verily is Krishna. Recognize Him and you will find what you are looking for. Or else, even if one sings the verses of the Gita for millions of lifetimes, one will not make any progress.”

Whatever Lord Krishna is saying is conveyed in these two words: ‘packing’ and ‘material’. Lord Krishna was a Gnani. He became enlightened; He became a Gnani Purush (Narayan) from an ordinary human being (nara). Gnani does not look at the packing at all; he only sees the ‘material’ within. He constantly sees the Soul in the person in front of him. Gnani’s vision is the vision that sees only the soul (Aatma-drashti). Therefore, where Gnani is, there is harmony and union of all religions – those searching for Krishna find Lord Krishna and those searching for Khuda (the God of Muslims), find Khuda there.

When one remains the Self (the Soul), he sees no differences wherever He looks. He sees the Self in everyone. Oneness arises once the knowledge of the real Self (the Soul) is acquired from Gnani. We then feel that we only are in all. ‘Swa-dharma’ can only be practiced when one understands and recognizes that one’s Self (Soul) within is Krishna. A true Vaishnav is the one who recognizes the Krishna (the Soul) within. Therefore, one should desperately look out for the Living Gnani who can grace us with the knowledge of the Self and thus make us recognise the Krishna within!!!

To conclude:

We should accept renowned beings such as the Tirthankaras, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Sahjanand, Lord Christ, Lord Paigambar and Lord Zarthost as they are worshipped by many. If we understand them, we will realize they are all one; and if we don’t, then they are many separate individuals.

Lord Krishna said to Arjun, “Aatmavat Sarva Bhuteshu. Oh Arjun! The Soul resides in the elemental form in every living being. So look at everyone as being the Soul.” The knowledge of Self-Realization that we are getting from Akram Gnani today, Lord Krishna has given same knowledge to Arjun. It is this knowledge alone that makes us realize that all enlightened beings (Gnanis) are one!


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