Why Do Some People Feel Good Making Fun Of Others?…

Why Do Some People Feel Good Making Fun Of Others?

It’s annoying to see people make fun of others, especially when we are one of the victims. And some people go on for hours, making a mockery of innocent beings. So don’t they see how this act of theirs is irritating others? Don’t they realize that it’s so demeaning, it affects one’s mind so badly and it can even ruin someone’s life.

So what do people gain by making fun of others, what do they enjoy by making others feel low and let down?

Let’s understand this through Gnani’s vision:-


If we understand the process of people making fun, we would know that it is only after it starts affecting the other person that one begins to enjoy and make more fun of that person. This is a very important aspect to note as it gives us a fruitful insight into how and why do people feel good after making fun of us.

Param Pujya DadaBhagwan explains the fact that if we don’t get affected when others bully us, then they will no longer enjoy making fun of us and hence will stop bullying us. But when they locate that we are affected, it motivates their purpose of seeing us suffer even more and more.

Another factor is that certain people are born with a peculiar trait of making fun of others. It is in their ingrained nature, which even they can’t help. After doing this, they may be regretful in their mind for acting in such a manner, but they can’t refrain from this bad habit of ridiculing people.

Hence, we need to understand that since it’s in their very nature to act so, they are really not at fault. In such a situation, we should ask for strength from whichever God we believe in, to be able to accept this behavior of the person and remain stable and unaffected when he ridicules us.


Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the great spiritual Master, has explained the ultimate truth that it is our own cause yielding us this effect of people making fun of us. Every cause has its effect. Whatever people we encounter in this life, good or bad, kind or rude, are the fruits (effects) of the seeds (causes) that we ourselves have sown in our past life. We have done something wrong in past as a result of which people are making fun of us today. It is our own mistake that we are being punished for.

If this fact is understood and accepted completely, we won’t be affected at the subtlest of the levels.

Remaining unaffected inside by people’s actions outside is the best solution

Many people choose to resort to avenge tactics i.e. “I too will now make fun of those people and bully them so as to teach them a lesson.” But this is not the right path and its consequences are quite grave:-

1. Bullying leads to hurting others which is derogatory to us and to them too.

2. We further bind heavy karma (new causes) that will bring much more suffering to us in our future life (new effects).

3. When we bully others, our own good or virtuous qualities get wiped off. It is our own loss and is a heavy loss!

4. It sends out severe negative vibes to the other person, which becomes a reason to set out a relationship of avenge and revenge life after life.

Hence, let’s decide today that come what may, we will never indulge in making fun of any living being in this world! Rather, we will learn the right art of how to remain happy and unaffected in every situation, be it favourable or unfavourable, by staying in the company of some Enlightened One!


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