Why Do Some People Equate Self-Realization With Nothingness?…

Why Do Some People Equate Self-Realization With Nothingness?

When one arrives at a conclusion that all material things are temporary and so is the worldly happiness derived from them, the fascination towards the material objects leaves automatically as one realizes ‘nothingness’ in it. This is what happens when one attains Self-Realization!

Every living being is constantly striving to find a place where he can find permanent happiness

The Soul is permanent! When one realizes that, ‘I am a Pure Soul’ (Self-Realization), he tastes the permanent happiness. Thereafter, as one stays more and more in the awareness of Pure Soul, attraction or hatred towards any material thing, which is temporary in nature, does not occur.

Therefore, Self-Realization is equated with nothingness!

In reality we are pure consciousness, but until we attain Self-Realization, we have body-consciousness

The Enlightened One explains Self-Realization…

The prevailing experience of, ‘I am John (please insert your name here), this body, mind, speech, etc. are mine’ is called body-consciousness. After Self-realization, this experience begins to leave, and the experience of the Soul begins to prevail.

Chhidanand Rupo Shivoham Shivoham!!!

When we attain Self-Realization, we realize that, ‘I am neither the mind, nor the intellect, am not impure consciousness, nor am I ego, neither am I anger, pride, deceit, greed, attachment or hatred, nor am I the body or the five senses, I am the eternal blissful Soul.’

This is the ultimate truth.

We want pure consciousness. But presently, our consciousness is impure. That’s why we are getting suffering, unhappiness, attachment, hatred, abhorrence, etc. Due to impure consciousness, all worldly relations and worldly problems are created.

After Self-Realization, our consciousness becomes pure. And when pure consciousness reaches its full stage, there will not be any new creation as there will be no charging of any new karma and it will lead to liberation.

Let’s understand this with an example. For instance, suppose one lady is suffering owing to the expectations she has in life. So, the Enlightened One explains to her:

“Cloudia (please insert your name here) is separate. All expectations are with Cloudia, not with pure Soul.

So you can remain separate from Cloudia; and whatever expectations are in Cloudia, that will get fulfilled by scientific circumstantial evidences (Nature), we (or no one else) aren’t fulfilling our expectations.

When we realize our pure Soul (Self-Realization), happiness starts from within Soul only. So automatically, expectations reduce. And if they are not fulfilled, then also you are satisfied because you remain in the state of a pure Soul.

In ignorance (the state when one has not attained Self-Realization), when expectations do not get fullfilled, we become uneasy, uncomfortable and unhappiness generates. And after Gnanvidhi (Self-Realization), we can understand that when expectations do not get fulfilled, who (really) is the doer and who am I’. Having all this knowledge, we can remain with our inner happiness.

So, once we understand that the Soul is an eternal element and it is our own Self, and if we realize that eternal element (Self-Realization), then our worldly problems and puzzles can be easily solved (knowing the nothingness or worthlessness of it).

This is how Self-Realization equates with nothingness.

Coming out from the lust for temporary things (nothingness) and realizing the eternal Soul (Self-Realization) marks the beginning of spirituality

When one attains inner happiness, one wants nothing material in this world and nothing in this world bothers him as such. Now, who wouldn’t want to attain such a state, isn’t it? To attain this state, all that one needs is the company of the Enlightened One. He explains:

To know the Soul is called spirituality.

For spirituality, we need Gnani Purush, an Aatma-Gnani (the Enlightened One). With His grace, we attain spirituality. Shrimad Rajchandra has therefore said, “Don’t hunt for anything else. Just find a Satpurush (Aatma-Gnani), surrender all your feelings and intentions in His lotus feet and move forward. Then if you don’t attain moksha, you may come to me!”

Satpurush or Aatma-Gnani means the Enlightened being who dwells day and night in constant awareness of Soul, and whose enlightened words are not to be found in scriptures, or have not come to be heard before; but these words are such that they come in our experience!!! You have no go without meeting such Enlightened being. And in case you meet such person, follow His instructions such that He is pleased.

By following His words, one day we too attain the absolute experience of the Soul, we attain eternal freedom. Eternal freedom (moksh) means attached to nothing!

Only Enlightened One, who is Free from the Body-consciousness, can give the Experience Of Soul

To awaken the Soul and attain the experience of eternal bliss, life after life, one has toiled to get rid of passions and obstructions, attachment and abhorrence.

However, through the Akram path, Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, directly with His grace, purifies our ego. He takes away both our ego (I am John – please insert your name here) and the feeling of possession (these body, mind, speech, etc. are mine) in less than an hour.

And thus we attain Self-Realization!!! This grace is an outcome of the pure love of the Enlightened One, and hence there’s no cost associated to it. So come, let’s go to Him and attain His divine grace, shall we??


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