Why Do People Deny It When They Cheat On Their Partner…

Why Do People Deny It When They Cheat On Their Partner

Before we understand the reasons behind the question of what causes infidelity, let’s uncover where infidelity begins. People who cheat either look for temptation or fall into it. Either way, they get drawn to the thrill, deception, and guilt of infidelity. But, where does it all start? Where do men come across the people they cheat with on their significant others?

Here are some places that men may unravel their affairs:

· Work

This is one of the most obvious places that affairs begin. People spend most of their time at work, which makes them available for and accessible to affairs.

· Gym

A lot of women seek out men in the gymnasium because they are drawn to men who work out. This means when your guy is at the gym, he could be stared at or tempted by other women.

· Parties

Drug or alcohol use lowers inhibitions in people and affects their ability to make the right decisions. Men who party frequently and become intoxicated are more likely to cheat under the influence.

· Internet

The internet has made it easier for men and women to have affairs. There is an entire world of people to meet online. If a person lives nearby, your man could be meeting her in person, or if she stays far away, your man could be continuing to have an affair online.

Types of cheating

There is a whole lot of debate surrounding what constitutes cheating. The debate arises when people defend themselves saying they share only an emotional or spiritual connection with someone outside of their relationship.

· Physical

By common consensus, we all know that infidelity occurs when you have sexual relations with someone other than your mate. This could range from kissing someone to having intercourse as well.

· Emotional

Some people do not think emotional cheating to be unacceptable. If your partner enjoys discussing his thoughts, issues, and feelings with someone, you could pass it off as them being friends. However, sometimes the thin line separating friends from lovers could be crossed and your partner could be turning to this friend to fulfill his emotional needs. This happens when your partner becomes emotionally attached to the other person.

Why do people deny it when they cheat?

Now that we know where affairs begin and what constitutes an affair, let’s take a closer look at why men and women deny it when they have been caught cheating. This might help you better understand what causes infidelity.

· Best of both worlds

Some people have the ability to share a stable home with their partner while also getting a thrill out of seeing someone else. These men could be lying about cheating because they feel powerful every time they get away with it.

· Shame

Some people have a hard time telling the truth because they are basically ashamed of what they’re doing. They are not proud of their actions, to begin with, but at the same time, they can’t resist the temptation of the new person.

· Positive role model

Sometimes when children are involved, your man could not want to reveal his deceitfulness because he is afraid that his children will think lowly of him. Such men care about how they are perceived and want to do everything they can to set a good example.

· Fear of rejection

Some men lie about cheating because they don’t want to be treated as an outcast by those that know them and their partner closely.

· Denial

As stated earlier, some men will believe that they share an emotional or spiritual connection with someone and therefore they are not cheating on their partners.

· Regret

A few men will not want to admit that they have cheated because they really do regret what they’ve done and they intend not to repeat the same mistake again.


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