Why Do Lightworkers Often Find Themselves Surrounded By Darkness?…

Why Do Lightworkers Often Find Themselves Surrounded By Darkness?

The universe we live in is one of contrast—light and dark, yin and yang. Each of us carries a unique energetic frequency. Some of us hold more dark energy and others more light. We need both to exist in balance on this planet.

Lightworkers, those who spread bring love, light, healing, and positivity can often find themselves attracting situations that carry more dark energy. The two polarities attract one another because the two need to influence one another. We can become aware of the situations in our lives that need fixing and changing based upon the energy we are attracting and where we are attracting it.

Lightworkers tend to live more in the upper level spiritual chakras and tend to be more focused on pleasing and helping others and therefore tend to be less grounded in their own body. In terms of those with darker energy, people with these frequencies tend to be more grounded, self-centered, and concerned with physical matters. In order for both types of souls to evolve we need each other— the lightworkers bring good virtues, healing, positivity, morals, and values to those who hold more dark energy, and those with darker energy can teach lightworkers lessons about surviving in the real world, putting oneself first, getting basic needs met, and self-protection. We both have to be open to one another in order to learn these lessons, rather than pointing fingers and claiming that one is better than the other. In order for optimal functioning of a society we all need to have a balance of both energies.

Historically speaking, the energies have been split between masculine and feminine polarities— the masculine energy being darker and the feminine being lighter. As we experience spiritual ascension as a planet, we are all being forced to wake up and to find balance of these masculine and feminine energies within us.

Next time you find yourself surrounded by darkness, ask yourself what you can learn from the lesson— how can you take better care of yourself, stand up for yourself, or communicate more effectively so that you end up in more balanced situations, whether that be in relationships, at work, in friendships, etc.


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