Why Do I Keep Seeing 555?…

Why Do I Keep Seeing 555?

Angel number 555 signifies changes coming. You might often see it during a transitional moon phase, such as a full, new, or quarter moon, but you can see it at any time. We most commonly manifest new things into our lives alongside the moon cycles, whether we are aware of the astrology or not. 555 means that changes are on their way, so be prepared. It could be a big change or a small change. It could be a change that you initiated or a change brought forth by someone else.

Angels can speak to us from the other side (from the spiritual, heavenly realms) to send us messages that can help us along our journey. If you see angel number 555, know that angels are with you and that the changes coming are here to serve your highest good, so do not worry or be afraid. You might see it on license plates, on the clock, on receipts, on street addresses, or even in the most unexpected places. Your angels will guide you to see certain numbers with significance by communicating with you via your intuition.

555 also relates to goal-setting, and making the necessary moves and changes in your life and in your energy field in order to get there. Set your intentions high and the angels will help assist you in achieving your goals. Practice energy clearing techniques, such as burning sage, cleaning out your closet, and even something as simple as vacuuming in order to make room for positive new changes. Make a vision board or write down your intentions in a journal in order to tell the universe what it is that you want to create in your waking reality.

555 can also signify changes that are already here, and with new things, especially if they are major, like a new job, relationship, or living situation, can often beget more new things, meaning that even more changes are coming. Keep track of the changes in a gratitude journal in order to show the universe that you are thankful for the changes that have come in. This helps move the energy in more smoothly, because changes, even good ones, can sometimes be difficult to settle into.

During particularly big transitions you might see the number 5 almost constantly, and this is the way that your angels are speaking to you to let you know that everything is going smoothly as planned. You will have to put in some work and effort, but if your endeavors are going to serve you and humanity at large in the best way possible, your angels can help on your behalf. No goal or obstacle is too big to overcome with the help of your angels.


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