Why Do I Feel So Alone In Life? Is It Because I Am Alone?…

Why Do I Feel So Alone In Life? Is It Because I Am Alone?

Being alone doesn’t always mean that one internally feels alone. Many people are seen alone but they are quite happy and satisfied from within. Yes, one certainly does not do well if one feels alone! It is because we humans generally need social relationships to remain deeply satisfied at a mental level. We feel alone due to the absence of social connections in our life, which triggers alarm bells in our brain just as how we feel in case of hunger, thirst or physical pain.

The moment we feel lonely, we start turning against our own selves as we wonder and dislike the fact that we feel this way. This in fact makes us feel that we are in an “awkward” position in front of others and hence we start isolating ourselves from people even in the crowd. It does not end there! We also pose a threat to our self by accepting the damaging thoughts that come to our mind of being unfit for the society. We develop suicidal tendencies which consume us further.


Feeling alone is due to our ignorance or lack of true understanding of the Self. This feeling is a consequence of not respecting ourselves in the first place; and also not being able to adjust to others’ way of living and thinking. We want to be among them but we just cannot cope up. In course of time, on repeated experiences of this feeling, a sense of insecurity sets in and we tend to compete with our evil thoughts that harshly express our inability to be like others.

When we feel incomplete inside out, we cannot find peace with anyone. As a result of this insecurity sinking in, we feel more distant from our close relationships thereby, feeling left out among people.


1. Not entertaining or paying heed to such low thoughts is the best thing you can gift yourself. Thoughts that make you suffer are your enemies. Instead replace them with the faith and courage to come out of this phase with positivity and right understanding.

2. Positivity – Being with positive and supportive people is the best antidote ever. You are then in the company of those you should be and want to be with. This helps you to become open minded and voice your own choices with ease.

3. Reading the books of inspirational people who have motivated millions of people’s lives has a positive effect on our personality too which helps us elevate ourselves from this dark patch that we are into.

4. Self realization – Above are the stepping stones to come out of the suffering emerging out of the feeling of isolation. But the real solution to this puzzle is by attaining Self Realization through The Enlightened One!

When the darkness of the ignorance of the Self is replaced by the light of the Knowledge of the Soul which is your real identity, there is no room for feelings like self insecurity or loneliness from within and a sense of peace ensues within.

The external circumstances may or may not change but the strength to fight against them just doubles from within after attaining Self realization.

Today, thousands of people are experiencing this change in their life. Then, why should we be left behind? It is possible to attain Self-Realization even today, from Pujya Deepakbhai Desai. For details, please check https://www.dadabhagwan.org/


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