Why Do Humans Think Suffering Is Part Of Life?…

Why Do Humans Think Suffering Is Part Of Life?

Let’s begin with an example. Suppose a person is suffering from cancer.

So, he will either:

Take it positively and harness good intentions, “This suffering has come due to my own karmas. I want to stay positive and live my life as peacefully as I can, without giving pain to anyone else.”


shall invite further suffering for himself by making weird intentions, “It is due to the stress my husband and my mother-in-law gave me that I am suffering from this cancer. Oh Lord, please also give them cancer so that they realize their mistakes.”

And Enlightened beings such as Lord Mahavir maintain complete detachment in every circumstance, as they know the body is not ‘mine.’ They are Self-Realized and therefore they know that really, ‘I am a Pure Soul.’ And as a Pure Soul, they only see and know whatever suffering arises in the body, without any kind of attachment or hatred towards it.

A person binds merit karmas based on his positive intents and binds demerit karmas for all the negative intents. Merit karmas yield happiness and for those with demerit karmas, pain and misery becomes part of their life. However, the Enlightened beings live consciously in the awareness and the experience of the Pure Soul all the time, and hence go past all the sufferings. They do not feel any suffering as they have a total separation from the body in which the suffering arises. This separation is based on the right understanding and knowledge that, “I am not the body; I am a Pure Soul.”

This is the reason Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan (Spiritual Master/Gnani Purush) says, “Whose fault is it? Of the one who is suffering. Which fault? The belief that ‘I am Chandulal (your name)’ verily is your mistake. It is this belief that causes all the suffering. When this belief goes away, then no one is guilty in this world.”

But how do we get rid of this wrong belief?

We cannot do away with this belief on our own. It is only when the Enlightened being, who has the divine spiritual powers to enlighten our Soul, graces us with Self-Realization, that our wrong belief gets fractured and the right belief of ‘I am a Pure Soul’ sets in.

Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, puts in a line of separation for us between the body and the Pure Soul. There is no effort of ours required in this. The only effort required from our end is to maintain this separation. To the extent we succeed in doing so, we are said to have lived our life consciously, and to that extent suffering seems too far and separate from us. But wherever we miss maintaining this separation, we are said to have got involved in the suffering, “I am suffering”.


The starting point to go past all sufferings is ‘Self-Realization’

Today, we are fortunate that we have amongst us the presence of Gnani Purush, who, with the spiritual divine powers, can grace us with Self-Realization!!! Thousands of people have attained Self-Realization from Him and many more continue to do so; for who would like to miss this opportunity where you don’t have to pay any money, nor put in any big effort; He directly awakens your Soul so that you can live consciously and go past all the sufferings!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has said, “Soul is endowed with resultant bliss! One himself is Soul, no one else can take its happiness away from him. One is free of all pain and suffering by nature. He has tremendous grandeur! How can any misery affect him?”

For more details, you may please visit https://www.dadabhagwan.org/


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