Why Desk Meditation Should Be Mandatory…

Why Desk Meditation Should Be Mandatory

The modern workplace is full of stress, too much work and, wait for it, even more stress. Which is why finding ways to navigate the modern workplace in as natural a way as possible is vital, or you risk upsetting your overall natural balance. So, with that in mind, here are the reasons why you need to meditate at work and how to actually do it:

Why You Need to be More Mindful at Work

Mindfulness keeps is in the present moment, allowing us to experience it in a non-judgemental way. Your mind wanders so much, especially when confined to the restraints of a desk. You dwell on the past. You look to the future in worry. Being mindful draws us back to the present, giving us room to be less stressed and allow for better concentration on the task at hand. Not on what lies ahead or behind.

This is where the power of meditation can be employed wondrously.

How to Meditate at Your Desk

In order to get the most out of good mindfulness at work, you need to become an expert at taking the time to put yourself aside and meditate. The better you become at meditation, the more likely you will find a level of peace and less stress whilst in your day to day work environment.

  • Good meditation techniques for work includes:
  • Sit or lie down on the floor (preferably) – your desk chair won’t do!
  • Close your eyes.
  • Reduce your breathing to a deep, rhythmic pattern.
  • Focus entirely on the intake and exhale of your own breathing.

As you get better at meditating, the ability to focus on nothing but your breathing will become like second nature. One day you will be meditating for five minutes and struggle to do so. But, before long you will be able to extend those five minutes. And, eventually, you can spend a good 15-minute break each and every day at your desk doing this method.

Keep Mindful

You won’t be able to meditate at your desk every day. There will be too many meetings, too much going on or you may only have enough time to grab a quick lunch. Lot’s of changes happen in your day to day work life, so don’t force meditation if it’s simply not feasible that day. But, don’t forget it entirely! If you fall out of the habit completely it can ruin all of the hard work you have put into the exercise in the first place.

So, meditate once a day if possible and keep in mind that not all days are the same. Allow yourself the bad days. But, keep on top of them with a good mindfulness routine. As without this the way of modern work can overtake your brain completely.


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