Why cant I stop worrying about every issue in my life?…

Why cant I stop worrying about every issue in my life?

The reason why we worry in life is because we are not sure of what will happen when some issue unfolds, or how will I be able to cope up or handle the issue. We imagine a negative outcome or our inability to be able to cope up with a given situation. Also, we connect things with past history, for example, we may have experienced a negative outcome some time in life, and hence we fear that the same outcome may happen every time.

When faced with issues, we become overwhelmed and are unable to handle the problem at hand. This is the reason we get full of rage when even a small thing comes to life. We get petrified, “Now what?” And since we do not know how to solve the problem, we get disturbed over the whole thing, blow our roof and thus upset others around too.

When thoughts cross a certain level, it is termed as a worry

Thinking has to be done up to a certain level and it should not exceed its limits. It is normal as long as it does not distress you. Once it gets beyond a certain level and starts to trouble you, it is a worry.

Overthinking on a problem leads to a feeling of anxiety. When we encounter a problem, the mind begins to think about the good and bad. All the while, the mind is turning and twisting and pondering on that one issue, thus creating misery and turmoil within.

Worries and Rage blind and rupture our Rational understanding

One should be careful, but one should not worry or get angry. There is a lot of difference between carefulness and worrying / raging. Carefulness is awareness and to worry means to have anxieties, which devour us from within.

Worrying is to keep contemplating on the same topic, ‘What will I do now? What will happen?’ Worrying leads to obstruction and it delays all outcomes.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, explains, “When you start worrying, know that the work at hand will be ruined. And if you do not have worries, then be assured that it is going to turn out good. Worry is an obstruction to any work.”

Worries blind and fracture our right understanding and knowledge. And this is what makes us angry over little little things.

Param Pujya Dadashri reveals that the main reason for getting angry is, “because his vision becomes blocked! When does a person collide with a wall? When he is not able to see the wall, that is when he collides with it, doesn’t he? Similarly, when a person is not able to see from within, he ends up getting angry. Since he is not able to find the solution to move ahead, he ends up getting angry.”

In reality, this world is such that there is no need for a person to have any doubts or worries about anything because worrying ruins things, nor does one gain anything from raging. So, what should we do now?

Keep your thoughts in normality, such that it does not affect you mentally and physically.

Have a positive mindset. Worry or Anger, either does not help us in any way. So, do not overthink on a single matter, nor get upset when things don’t happen as expected. Take one problem at a time and look for positive solutions. The reason why you experience rage when a few of these small things come to life and pile-up is that you are overwhelmed and feel like you have lost control. Therefore, make a list and work through each one respectively but calmly. Have an intent to solve every problem with equanimity. Then see, problems will automatically find their way to solutions slowly and smoothly.

Every time you get angry over somebody or something, when you lose your mind in any circumstances, don’t forget to ask for forgiveness from God, “Dear God, I made this mistake. Please forgive me. I resolve to not repeat this mistake. Please grant me strength for the same.” This way you are replacing the inner negativity with positivity.

Instead of focusing on issues, work on solutions. This way you are focused on solutions rather than futile ‘what ifs’

Learn to live in the moment rather than worrying about what may happen.


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