Why Are Some People Born Rich While Some Struggle Their Entire Lives?…

Why Are Some People Born Rich While Some Struggle Their Entire Lives?

In life, many a times we come across people who are born with a silver spoon, bathed with all the materialistic luxuries and comforts, marking an elegant lifestyle. At the same time, we also come across people, who after innumerable efforts, are not able to achieve much success. Seeing the former, very often, the latter feels that life is being unfair with them, “While we have to struggle all life to make the two ends barely meet, those born rich, even before asking, have everything served on their platter already. Why so?”

So what is the real truth? Is life really being unfair with them? If yes, why this injustice? Why some have no money despite working hard, while others have lots of money not doing anything in life?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being reveals the truth. He says:

Each of them has received exactly the amount of money they were destined to. Nature proclaims it to be correct.

In Nature’s justice, there is no injustice, even for a moment. Whatever happens is correct.

Why do people perceive it as injustice and look for their own justice? It is because they do not know that whatever they encounter is justice. A pauper may win a million rupees in a lottery. This is an example of justice. And it is also justice when one’s pocket is picked. Nature is the ‘regulator’ of the world. The circumstances in one’s life change according to the Nature’s laws. One witnesses the changes but perceives them with his individual intellect and from just one aspect. He sees it only from the angle of his own self-serving purpose and therefore misses on the total perspective.

The world is beautiful and it is just.

It is because we were unjust in our past life, that we encounter injustice in this life. According to Nature’s laws, things will unravel in the same way in which they had been woven. If they are woven with injustice, the weave will unravel with injustice. If the weave had been woven with justice, it will unravel in justice. This is how events unfold, but not knowing the real truth, we tend to look for justice in them.

Similar to the results of an examination, these too are all results. If you score ninety-five percent in mathematics and twenty-five percent in English, would you not be able to deduce from these results where you made mistakes? Likewise, we can determine from the effect or outcome of things in life, what the causes of our mistakes were. The results reflect our past mistakes. All the events (of struggling the entire life or being born rich, etc.) that come together are results, and based on the results, we can deduce the cause behind it.

Param Pujya Dadashri, giving the simile of a computer, further illustrates:

Just like data entry is done in a computer, similarly one sows karmic seeds through one’s inner intentions called bhaav. One’s bhaav in this lifetime creates new karma for his next life. In other words, the seeds that he is planting in this life will be experienced in his next life. Whatever he experiences in this life, is really the results of his past karmas.

All that we encounter in this life, it is the previous (karmic) account that is being settled.

If one does not receive money, it is because of one’s own previous karmas. Nature is regulating this precisely. The suffering that one has to go through is as a penalty of one’s own past negative karmic actions. There is no escape from Nature’s justice. Nobody can influence it for Nature is not a person. So, one who desires liberation should understand that all that happens and has happened to him in life has been just.

‘Whatever has happened, is justice’ – This is the sutra of the Gnani.

Injustice can occur in human’s law courts, but never in Nature. Nature is constantly just. However, it can never give any proof of this. Only the Gnani, the Enlightened One, can give you proof of how it is just. Gnani can convince you and once you are convinced, your work is done.

So, act according to the way of Nature; otherwise you will find that the whole world is one big conflict. Even after seeking justice, the results remain the same. Why not accept and understand this from the very beginning then? It is better to accept it happily than to accept it after suffering, isn’t it?

This sutra, “Whatever happens is justice” ends all questions and makes our life free from all tensions. The application of this sentence in life will bring peace, and during adverse times, internal harmony will prevail. We should simply observe what happens. That is justice. One becomes perfect and absolute when he becomes one with justice, and he sees everything as just. Until then, he is either above or below normality.


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