Why Are Loyal People Often Betrayed And The Cheaters Enjoy A Lavish Life?…

Why Are Loyal People Often Betrayed And The Cheaters Enjoy A Lavish Life?

Karma is for real, but what really is its science, we need to understand that first.

So, let’s begin by assessing the statement, ‘why are loyal people often betrayed?’ on the basis of the science of karma; and find out whether the connection between ‘loyalty’ and ‘betrayal’ really exists!

One Is Betrayed Owing To His Own Past Deeds

The betrayal happens as a result of one’s previously bound bad karma; whereas because of his loyal intentions today, he is binding new good karma, which will effectively take him to a higher level in his next life. As a result, he will experience great happiness, prosperity and progress in future.

Similarly, one who seems to be a cheater is enjoying a lavish life today as a result of his past deeds. But since his present intentions are that of cheating others, he will have to pay a price for it in future. Through cheating and stealing, one becomes worthy of a bestial life form.

Whom Does Nature Assist?

The law of Nature is such that the one who is destined for lower life forms does not get caught for his bad deeds. But the person destined for higher life forms gets arrested for the smallest offence he has made to immediately stop his downward slide and prevent him from getting onto the wrong path.

Nature thus helps the heavy karmas become heavier and the light karmas become lighter. The ones with lighter karma rise to a higher life form and the heavier ones sink to the lower life forms. Such is the law of Nature. Therefore, one who has never cheated before gets caught as soon as he cheats the very first time, whereas the hardcore cheat never gets caught as his karmas are heavy and are on the way to become still heavier.

Whatever Has Happened Is Justice!

According to the law of karma, the circumstances of betrayal or enjoying a lavish life are all ‘effects’ of ‘causes’ that one has himself bound in the previous life. It means one who gets betrayed has himself bound such causes in the past that have led to the effect of betrayal. And hence Parma Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, ‘Whatever Has Happened is Justice!’

Suppose a father passes away, leaving behind a vast land of two hundred and fifty acres for his five sons. However, the title deed of the land happens to be in the name of the eldest son. So, while this eldest brother was supposed to divide the land into fifty acres each and distribute it amongst the five brothers equally; instead, one brother received twenty-five acres, another took fifty acres, one got forty acres, and the last one received only five acres.

At this point, the justice of the world would proclaim, “The eldest brother is shameless, he’s a cheat.” But Nature’s justice says, “The eldest brother is correct. He has given fifty to the one who is to be given fifty acres; twenty-five to the one who is to be given twenty-five acres; forty to the one who is to be given forty acres and the one who is to be given five acres, he has given just five. The rest of the land was cleared in the karmic accounts of past life.”

Not accepting this Nature’s justice, and instead seeing the elder brother at fault is one of our biggest mistakes that leads to enormous misery and pain in life. Param Pujya Dadashri asks, “Are you trying to seek justice in this world? Whatever has happened is itself justice! If someone slaps you, do not have to think, ‘he has done me an injustice’; rather believe in, ‘Whatever has happened is justice.’ When things will be understood this way, that is when, all of this (the vicious cycle of cause and effect, effect and cause) will be settled once and for all.”

While a particular karma is in effect, one is simultaneously binding new causes too, based on what his inner intentions are! This is how one karma gets completed and the other is generated; and thus the cycle of cause and effect, effect and cause continues and so does our cycle of birth and rebirth.

Even for the one who is presently seen cheating people, it is his old karmic account that is being completed. If he feels sorry for what he is doing today and repents with a true heart, he shall become a loyal and honest person in his next life; but if he takes pleasure in how smartly he duped people, he is binding new causes to that effect and will attract immense suffering in his next life.

If you are pure, no one can do anything to you – such is the law of this world. Therefore, if you want to break your mistake, then you should break it. – Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

How Does One Break His Mistakes And Become Pure?

1. Even when one is betrayed, if he refuses to see the other person at fault based on the knowledge that, ‘the betrayal is a result of my own deeds’ and focuses solely on breaking his own mistakes, then such person is said to have started working towards breaking his mistake.

2. Inspite of being betrayed several times, when one remains resolved to remain loyal come what may, it means he is determined to break his mistakes.

3. Further, by repenting for all those wrong deeds of the past which have resulted in the form of betrayal today, and also resolving never to indulge in such wrong deeds again, one is putting in the right efforts to break his mistakes.

4. Prevailing in ‘equanimity’ from within towards what we like and what we don’t like is our spiritual effort that will break all our mistakes and bring a complete closure to the circumstances that present themselves in front of us as we get liberated from all karma. If this master key were to be understood, it can lead to one’s salvation.

Let’s understand…

Until new karmas are created, one will have to experience their consequences in the next life. If we want to break-free from this cycle of suffering the consequences, then we need to stop binding new causes. The root cause is our attachment and/or abhorrence towards whatever happens. The past life’s karma unfolds, bears the fruit and the circumstance leaves forever. However, one remains attached to the circumstances that one likes and has abhorrence towards the circumstances that he does not like. Through this attachment and abhorrence towards the unfolding circumstances, one continues to sow new karmic seeds.

5. Only when we become aware of ‘who am I’ and ‘what makes all of this happen in the world’, are we able to remain equanimous. For this, we ought to attain Self-Realization, which becomes possible only when we happen to meet some living Gnani, who can grace us with the real knowledge and grant us the right vision of really, ‘who am I’. After attaining Self-Realization, one stops binding karma altogether and gets onto the path of liberation!


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