Who Is Watching Your Mind — How To Find Deep Inner Peace…

Who Is Watching Your Mind — How To Find Deep Inner Peace

Just the other day, a man came to me and said, “I’ve noticed my mind is angry”. And I asked, “Who is Watching Your Mind?”

We are Pure Awareness

Then I said, “That which is watching your mind is your true-self, your pure awareness.” That which is timeless, that which goes on throughout multiple lifetimes watching and noticing everything with peaceful calm within.

People Never Notice Their Mind

Most people never notice their mind… they are too busy using their mind to even check on what their mind is doing. And they think that their mind is who they are… but they are mistaken. Otherwise, who is watching their mind?

We are Distracted By the Outer World

From the day we are born to the day we die… we are constantly distracted from what’s important and concentrate on thinking. And after a while, we begin to identify our whole being with our mind and thinking. This is a mistake.

We are More Than Our Mind

It’s only the great sages, the great seers of India, China, the Middle East, and Native American and other spiritual leaders around the world who understand that we are more than our mind. In all the spiritual texts it talks about the fact that we are a soul, a constant being within, which watches over everything. And our soul is always in a state of deep peace.

How Do We Connect to Our Soul and Find Deep Inner Peace?

Most people are too busy to reach out to their soul. In fact, they never take the time to even understand who they are deep down inside. Silence is the answer, to go within and meditate, to contemplate, to find the true self, that is the answer to calming our mind and finding our true self. But are you willing and interested enough to go within and find your inner peace? That is the big question?

Many Blessings to Everyone!


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