Who Is The Ultimate Creator?…

Who Is The Ultimate Creator?

The world is full of beautiful and wonderful things all around – the flowers, the trees, the birds, the sea, the clouds, the hills, lofty mountains, and the lovely human beings!

And as these enchant us, a question arises in our mind – ‘Who must have created all of this?’

Most religions say, “God created the world.” Hindu religion too says, ‘Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh collectively created the world. Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the administrator and Mahesh is the destroyer.”

Today, we shall try and take a closer view of this Hindu viewpoint and assess it to understand what the fact really is…

So is the world really created by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh?

If one were to say that “In reality Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh created the world”, the next logical question to be asked would be, “Then who created Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh?”

People say, “Shankar created them”. So we may wonder, “How was Shankar created? And why did he create only 3 of them i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh; not 2 or 5 or any other number.”

There is a specific reason behind this. They are three because there are three natural attributes (gunas) of the prakruti that exist within us. The names Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh represent these three attributes which are nothing but the inherent qualities present in an individual – pitta (bilious component) in the body brings about sattvik prakruti (goodness, worldly awareness), vayu (airy component) is responsible for rajas prakruti (passion, desires), and kapha (phlegm component) results in tamas prakruti (darkness, worldly unawareness, lethargy).

Every living being has prakruti and this prakruti is made up of the inanimate matter (jad tattva). Every moment the phases of prakruti are born and are destroyed, they undergo constant creation and destruction. And the jad tattva by its intrinsic nature has the property of permanence. Also, the main element in every living being is the Soul (Aatma). The phases of the Soul too undergo creation and destruction whereas the Soul by its nature is permanent.

In the process of learning about the three gunas, the three identities namely Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh were created as the symbolic representations of the three attributes. Brahma was placed in the state in which there is birth i.e. where there is creation. Vishnu was placed in the state that remains permanent or steady. And where destruction takes place, there Mahesh was placed. Thus, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

This placement is not haphazard. It has been arranged very scientifically, with a lot of depth in it. This metaphor was given merely for ease of our understanding. But going down the line, people misinterpreted these symbols as individuals by the name Brahma, Vishnu or Mahesh. Not only were their idols established, but people started worshipping them too. If we were to look for Brahma would we find him anywhere in the world? No. Or can Vishnu be found?’ Nor can Mahesh be found.

There is no one up there in the sky or the heavens, running this world. No one by the name Brahma has sculpted the world, nor has there been a need for someone to sculpt it. Just think about it – if this world was indeed God’s creation, it should have been perfectly beautiful in all respect and at all times, isn’t it? But it is not so. It has an ugly side too! – There are worries, there is fear, there are miseries, there are tears, and there is so much of suffering, illnesses, pain and agony across the world.

By calling God the ‘creator’ of such a world, we are making Him the ‘creator’ of the worries and miseries too? And thus, although unintentionally, but we are holding God guilty for every suffering that we see in the world. Why would God create such a world and take on such a liability? For that matter, who would create a world in which people are unhappy and everything in it is so messy and chaotic? No one.

Really speaking, there is no creator of this world. All of this is just a natural creation, it has come about without anybody creating it. It is a wonder indeed! Lord Krishna has said, “God has not created this world; it has come about naturally (swabhavik).” Everyone and everything is merely instrumental in the process of its functioning; no one or nothing controls it independently. This world is run by only scientific circumstantial evidences; no individual entity is running it.

‘Creator’ is someone who does a permanent favour and if God is such an entity, we are bound to be always indebted to Him. In that case, the science of salvation and liberation will go for a toss because God, as our creator, will always remain our superior and we will forever be his subordinate.

Bathing the body, feeding it, making it fast is all religion (dharma) of the prakruti. This religion has no substance and you cannot depend on it because it is not under your control. It is controlled by some other power. One may know the attributes of the prakruti for countless lifetimes, but that does not make him progress. The Supreme religion is the religion of the Self; that is the Real religion.

Therefore, Lord Krishna asked us to go beyond the three gunas of prakruti (the non-self) in order to realize the Aatma (the Self). So far, we have walked millions of miles in the wrong direction, away from the Aatma [the Self]. But as soon as we enter the spiritual sphere, the elemental vision (tattvadarshan) begins. One starts understanding what is the fact, what is the reality of this world.

The world is the puzzle itself. The one who solves this puzzle attains the state of the Supreme Self and the one who cannot, gets dissolved in the puzzle. We ourselves are the Supreme Lord, infinite bliss exists within us. But why can’t we experience it? It is because of the obstacles.

And who created these obstacles? Did God create them? No, we ourselves have created the obstacles. Yes, no one else has created the suffering that we have to experience. We are whole and sole responsible for creating our world. We carry the burden of our previous life and also the responsibility of our future life. God does not interfere in this at all.

This world is not haphazard by any means; the world is a fact but a relative fact and the Self is the real fact. Regarding the Self, at the end of the four Vedas (the Hindu scriptures), the Vedas say ‘Neti…Neti’ (this is not that… this is not that). Then how do we experience ‘that’, which is our Self?

It is the Gnani Purush who shows us ‘This is that’ within one hour. It is because He has seen that, He has experienced that and also has the divine spiritual power to make us see and experience that too! At our earliest one must achieve His grace, attain the experience of the Soul, our real Self; a Self that is not describable, not presentable, not see-able (visible with physical eyes). It can only be experienced!!! So why wait, let us experience it here and now…


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