Who Decides Which Soul Will Enter Which Body?…

Who Decides Which Soul Will Enter Which Body?

It is a natural mechanism of Cause and Effect based on the science of karma

Our Soul will enter which body in new life is based on the karmas (causes) that you made in the past birth. If, throughout your life, you’ve done things with an extremely good and noble intention of helping others and serving mankind, then you go to the celestial world; if you did things having both good and bad intents alternating from time to time, then you could become a human again; if one has done lot of bad and shameful things with a wrong intent and without any repentance for it either, then he may go to the animal kingdom; and if one harnesses extremely bad intentions such as of killing people, then one can even go to hell!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains, “Every birth is the result of previous birth. Therefore the link of every birth begins with the previous birth. This current birth is the result of previous birth and the cause of the next birth. Seeds sown in the previous life, result in a full-fledged fruit in this life.”

Our intentions are like karmic seeds that we sow (causes) in this life. Based on these seeds, our actions happen in this life (effects). We call them the fruits of karmas. And depending on these actions, we have to face the consequences in life. While suffering the consequences, we again sow new seeds of karma. And thus the cycle of cause and effect continues naturally according to the laws of karma. This is the science of karma.

Your Karmas give you The New Body, New Home and New Parents

Our body has three different forms: The Electrical Body, the Causal Body, and the Soul.

The electrical body is responsible for digesting food and producing heat and energy. It circulates the blood in the entire body. Thus, it is a key machine which makes our body work and function. So as long as there is worldly life, the electrical body will be present in every living being.

The electrical body is the same for everyone. But the causal body is different for each person, depending upon the causes (karmas) he has made in his current life. Due to our attachments and abhorrences, we attract karmic atoms of anger, pride, deceit, greed, which go to form the causal body. These are the karmic debts that we carry along with us after death.

At the time of death, based on one’s karma, the causal body automatically gets drawn towards the mother’s womb. The Soul, while placed in the dying body, stretches towards the new destination where the rebirth is to take place. Right at that moment, the egg of the mother and the sperm of the father unite, and the Soul, along with the causal body and the electrical body, enters the new body and forms the embryo. The causal body in this new destination becomes the effective body now.

The effective body refers to the mind, speech and the body that one uses throughout his new life. And while using them, new causes are created. So, after death, once again the Soul has to enter another womb.

In today’s era, Akram Path Ends The Cycle of Birth and Death By Stopping The Creation of Causes

A person creates causes during his entire life. And once the causes are created, there is no escaping from its ensuing consequences of its effect.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains this with a simple daily-life example, “If someone insults you by saying, ‘you are stupid’, it is an effect. He has said this within the laws governing the science of karma. It is your past account. During this occurrence of insult, the negative reaction that occurs within you is your cause for the next life. This may even spill out in reactionary words. These words are an effect of past life. The deep inner intent in any event is the cause. All else is an effect. What was given to you was well within the laws of karma. Your reaction transgressed that law. So the causes are created in this life, and the effects of these causes will have to be endured in the next life.

If someone were to give you a lot of respect, you would feel happy and if someone were to insult you, you would become angry. The outward expression of your anger or happiness is not important; it is your deep inner intent, your internal meditation at that time that charges or causes new karma, which will then discharge in your next life. The discharge will be in the form of an effect at that time.”

He further explains, “Any suffering or enjoyment experienced during the discharge of an effect, leads to new causes, which in turn will become ‘effective’ in the next life. In this manner, the cycle of ‘cause and effect’, ‘effect and cause’ perpetuates. Until one becomes Self-Realized, it continues to wander from one life to another.

When I give you the knowledge of your real Self (Aatma-Gnan) new causes will stop, and no new effects will occur. The Gnani Purush puts a stop to the charging, and so only the old ones continue to discharge thereafter.” says Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

Thus, for anyone who is keen to come out of this cycle of birth and rebirth, the Akram Science today provides the easiest way to attain Self-Realization, and that is through the direct grace of the Living Gnani. A lit candle enlightens our candle and our work gets done!


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